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Props Mr Dancey

I haven't really followed this game closely and had no intention of trying it until it was developed further. Been reading some very strong negative comments on a few mmo sites/forums. Seems like a few individuals with some very strong opinions.

These past few weeks while reading said forums, I'll admit that I did not understand the EE idea, and I was surprised at the payment model.


I applaud your professionalism and calmness in thoroughly explaining things, instead of directly engaging those strongly, negative individuals with further negativity. In doing so, I actually learned a lot about PFO and its direction, and why we have the payment model we do. I understand things change but you guys seem pretty transparent so I'm gonna give this game a go.. bought and downloading now.

Lesson for other game developers that staying cool and professional is always important.

The negative comments are likely from one well known individual who was very passionate about the game and became equally disillusioned when things were not as he would have liked them and has since embarked on something of a crusade.

Welcome to Golarion.

The best advice I can give you is do not try and play completely solo. If you do not find a group to play with in the first week or two join a settlement that attracts you or enrol at Pathfinder University. In PFO even solo play is better if you have a settlement for guidance support and to provide a direction.
Welcome to the game, Draconin!

While transparency doesn't by itself make the game more fun, at least it helps managing expectations.
For my own part, many of the very short explanations on why they are -not- doing things certain ways have been eye-openers.
While they still have to compete with games buildt on 10-100 times the budget, it helps me understand and respect what they have done on such limited time and budget.
Foxglove - of Pathfinder University (PFU/Riverbank)
Silkworm - of Phoenix Industries (TEO/Brighthaven)
On these boards I never speak for TEO, only for myself or PFU. Contact me if you want to hold a guest lecture for PFU
Fanndis Goldbraid
There are several consistently negative naysayers, and some of us try to counter the negatives with (what is in my opinion) factual data and some personal opinion of where the game is compared to where it should be according to the Kickstarter and the earliest iterations. And so far it is pretty much on target. All the developers would like it to be a little further along, but then so would the players. Good to know Ryan's reasoned replies got the attention of at least one player. Surely there are more out there who might give it a shot. nice to hear.
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