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Ozem's Vigil is recruiting

About Ozem's Vigil

Set in the foothills of the Southern Echo Peaks, and within the Western Echo Woods, lies Ozem’s Vigil, Bastion of Light in the darkness. Ozem's Vigil is the only Lawful Good settlement in the game and is building a strong community that is militant, religious, and welcoming to players & companies of a similar vein. We are a diverse community, opening our gates to all who have not strayed from the law or embraced evil.

Playing it Lawful Good is one of the hardest roles to play, yet one of the most powerful. Always abiding by the law and avoiding evil acts is a burden we must bear so that we may reap the rewards for being quintessentially good and wholesome. Our diverse players revel in PvE content while remaining vigilant against all evil-doers (PvP).

Crafters are vital to building a strong economy and are therefore also welcomed. Our position on the map gives us access to a balance of resources for both crafting and building our settlement. Metal & stone are high priorities as befit a proper army of the Light, but all crafts are well represented between ourselves and our allies.

We strive to be as vigilant as the Knights of Ozem were in protecting their former leader Iomedae. She is the goddess of righteous valor, justice, and honor in Golarion and a source of inspiration for our settlement. Other gods of LG, LN and NG alignment will also find a home in Ozem's place of worship. Religious-themed players, such as Paladins, Clerics, and Monks will harmonize well with Ozem’s Vigil, but all classes are needed and welcomed.

Ozem's has strong alliances with the Crafters of Alderwag and the Dwarves of Forgeholm. The Everbloom Alliance is also numbered amongst our friends. The Empire of Xeilias, being of evil nature, is ever to be watched.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Good luck
To reach me, email
It is a good thing we have at least one LG settlement in the game.
Ozem's Vigil strives to be as self sufficient as possible in both bulk resources and crafting.

We have Crafters trained to current max level in every craft. More Crafters are very welcome, because as we grow and progress to higher levels, craft times increase and the amount of crafted goods needed also increases.

The current phase of the game is about Holdings and Outposts. Ozem's has taken a conservative and planned approach, as befits a settlement dedicated to order, keeping them close to home and striving to make not only the settlement but also the individual holdings self sufficient. With our initial Holdings Plan we expect to easily offer training to level 16 after the Towers are gone.
Ozem's Vigil continues to grow as new players join the game. We continue to look for players interested in playing the Lawful Good alignment in any class as well as gatherers, refiners and crafters.

Ozem's Vigil will be the only settlement in the game to offer Paladin training and the only Good settlement to offer Monk training when these classes are introduced.

Join us and help build a Bastion of Light in the darkness that is the River Kingdoms. Apply in game or on our website:
Ozem's Vigil has been working hard to get ready for the coming changes in settlement structure and we are excited.

Ozem's will be building a Justice Cathedral (worship of Iomedae (LG), Saranrae (NG), Abadar (LN) and a Garrison and offering high level Cleric and Fighter training. When Paladin and Monk training become part of the game we will be offering those also. As a militant fighter/cleric based settlement we will also be concentrating on high level smelting, armor and weapon smithing, as well other related crafts.

For Tier 1 characters we plan to make sure that all types of training are available within a very short distance from Ozem's and all crafts will also be able to produce crafted goods again either at Ozems or within a very short distance. Ozem's provides all characters in good standing with up to date gear appropriate to their training level.

Apply in game or on our website:
Ozem's Vigil continues to grow. Welcome to all our recent recruits. This week we had 15 folks on to take down the Duregar that had been plaguing the hexes between Ozem's Vigil and Alderwag. Our settlement is active every day gathering, refining, crafting and taking down the local escalations.

We are manufacturing armor, weapons and other gear to be ready when Nur Athemon comes this Friday. Come join us and participate in the end of the War of Towers.
Hi Folks,

We are still growing (amazing in this slow time, I know), but we still need more to share and help with the bountiful area that we have chosen as home.
  • Companies ready made that want holdings of their own.
  • Individuals or small groups that want a nice quiet place to get started.
  • Players that want to see (current) high end PVE and escalations.
  • Tired of playing in a ghost town? We are active every night.
  • We take care of our membership. Ask around.
  • If you want random PVP for loot and lols, don't bother. Those are the guys that we chase and kill when we can. smile

Give us a shot. We are here and We play. We are waiting for you. Make a good move.
Current teamspeak is:

password: Wirzaz20

Also check out or search us in game and apply there or whisper to have a chat.
Virtute et Armis
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