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Alternative uses for recipes

Recipes… they accumulate, and will continue to accumulate. It would be nice to have things to do with them. Here's a few possibilities:

1. Scrap paper. Let us use recipes just like document scraps in making T2 recycled paper.

2. Crafting and refining skill buffs. Maybe we could have three new recipes for each trade, one recipe at each tier, which creates a consumable buff that directly boosts the crafting or refining skill for a limited time. Example: my Tanner could use some number of Tier 1 tanning recipes to create a Tier 1 buff consumable. The consumable gives me something like +10 skill for the next 24 hours. The Tier 2 tanning buff might use both Tier 2 and Tier 1 tanning recipes and give a 20% buff. A possible name for this item: "Shop Schedule" to capture the concepts of crafting and a limited duration.

3. Workshop Upgrade. By combining a large number of identical recipes (ie, like 20 or 50 copies), we create an object that, used on a workshop, allows anyone using the workshop to access the recipe as if they had learned it, because the invisible commoners at the workshop are totally familiar with the recipe. A possible name would be "Workshop Manual - $RecipeName".

Disclaimer - my settlement has over 50 copies of several recipes and would be able to make use of any of these changes.
At some point, crowdforging suggestions seem to be like fan fiction. Some good, some bad, some repetitious and predictable. But maybe there are some gems out there.
Lisa Stevens
Recipes… they accumulate, and will continue to accumulate. It would be nice to have things to do with them. Here's a few possibilities… Lots of good stuff deleted for space

Lee and I were talking about just this subject today and a couple of your ideas were brought up in that talk. This is something we will explore as we move forward.
A system I have always like in other games is one wear uses can combine recipes/runes/creation-items and get random often useless but sometimes spectacularly good result.
Using Gemcutter as an example - in PFO it might work something like this:

Combine: Lesser Consonant Gem +1 & Lesser Vital Gem +1 & Lesser Numinous Gem +1
Result: 99.5% chance of rubbish/trash paper, 0.49% of Lesser [Random] Gem +2, 0.01% of higher plus or T2

Using higher plus recipes gives chances of better than +1.
Using all +3 and a reasonable level gemcutter gives a good chance of a T2 Greater xxx Gem recipe.
Using multiples of each recipe also slightly improves chances.

if "burning" 200 currently worthless T1 recipes gives a reasonable chance of generating a T2 the market for T1 recipes would boom.
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