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Holdings and Training

The Holdings with trainers are just laughable at this point. Even a +3 holding is just as good as just going to an npc settlement and of course anything lower than a +3 is extremely limited. These are mostly all obsolete to begin with however when settlement upkeep comes into play then even the extremely difficult to obtain +4s and +5s will be obsolete as it is more expensive to run a high level holding than a settlement at level 12+.

Am I missing something? Is the watchtower going to have some other benefit than a low level skirmisher trainer someday?

Thanks for your time
Tagnar, Ironbreaker of Forgeholm
High Priest of Abadar
Duffy Swiftshadow
Watchtowers will make it more expensive to feud you while Inns will make it cheaper, eventually anyways. That said the training stuff does seem pretty lackluster given the huge amount of resources to maintain it.
I am wondering about this myself. I think one reason for a settlement to have a +5 holding that trains up to 12 in something is because the settlement itself does not have a building for that particular skill, because it chose to put the DI and resources into other buildings. Being able to maintain a level 14 or 15 settlement does not mean you will be able to put down all buildings and train up to that level|(unless I am understanding things wrong).

Also, though the Training level itself may be low for the lower level holdings, the Support level is actually at 12 even for a low level holding(I think, or at 10?). But I am still confused about Training vs Support and whether Training will be a depletable asset for a settlement (as was once the intention), and how this works in Alliances and such.

Also, though tier 2, +4 and +5 procs are a pretty rare occurence right now, I think that in 1 or 2 years, with refiners at levels 15-20, we will see a lot more of those procs since the chance on these are skill dependant. And because holdings and outposts are still Tier 2 items, needing tier 2 procs, I think the +4 and +5's will become plentiful enough to lower the hurdle for putting down these +5 holdings.

Maybe it is simply GW's intention to never allow holdings to train stuff into Tier 3 since they want to reserve that for the Settlement buildings. However, I think that a +5 holding should allow to train up to 13 for a crafter and refiner then.
Regalo Harnoncourt, Leader of the River Kingdoms Trading Company, High Council of Callambea.
This is the character that I am playing almost 100% of the time. (Tyncale is my Sage/Mage)
Personally i think the levels should be like this…

0 level 7 training
1 level 8 (same as NPC town)
2 level 9 (same as default PC town)
3 level 10
4 level 11
5 level 12

In addition I'm hoping a worker with matching skills could increase the level by 1.

I would hope level 14+ (t3) is designed to stay a settlement only thing.
I believe the plan is still for all NPC settlements to go away except for Thornkeep and Rotter's Hole. Even a low level trainer may then save a new recruit, or someone dipping into another role, a trip to an another settlement.
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Ryan Dancey
Training at Holdings is for Companies that don't want to be in a PC Settlement.
I like Quijenoth's table. Really without a +4 or better holding the rest are still nearly useless. Who is oging to pay 30 bulk resources a day for a +2 with the ability to train up to level 6?
Tagnar, Ironbreaker of Forgeholm
High Priest of Abadar
Ryan Dancey
When we get the tech built so that the only Feats your character will be able to use are those supported by your Settlement, you might want to use Holdings to support some feats at lower levels that you don't want to pay the costs to support directly via the Settlement.

Or you might want the upgraded refinery options.

Or you might be upgrading the Holding on the way towards letting it provide support better than an NPC Settlement.

Or there might be implications with the unannounced and so-far still in development Holding War feature.
I like Quijenoth's table. Really without a +4 or better holding the rest are still nearly useless. Who is oging to pay 30 bulk resources a day for a +2 with the ability to train up to level 6?

Well at one point there was also a possibility your company could garner support for something like a deity not supported in your settlement.

Support apparently is going away completely.

That reduces the need for higher level holdings (and raises some huge unanswered questions about deity/alignment restrictions and how they will be enforced without the support mechanism but that discussion is not for this thread).

EDIT - apparently support is not going away - so ignore this post smile
Who is [going] to pay 30 bulk resources a day for a +2 with the ability to train up to level 6?

Nobody - but they might pay 60/day to train up to level 12, if they're dead set on not joining a settlement for whatever reason.
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