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Missing Hemp and Blooodflower Gum

I harvested almost every hex on the map looking for these two items and never got any. My character is at 11, well 12 now, Forestry and I haven't seen any. I have plenty of Maple though.
I am at 12 and have the same issues. I have concluded that the journey upwards must be continued….
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I don't remember where from but I have had hemp because I have used it to craft things with. Maybe it wasn't hemp itself, but a salvage in its place. Will pay more attention next time.
I remember seeing some in plant nodes in the alpha mtns
You can find Hemp in the Junk Piles (soon to be Midden Heaps or Middens) in Croplands Hexes. If you don't get any in the first 10 Junk Piles, move to a different Croplands Hex.

You can find Croplands Hexes on the Land Rush Map. They're the light green hexes. They're dominant in the southwest and southeast corners of the map (you have to drag the map up to see this), and you should be able to find plenty of hexes of that color in the northern third of the map that's available in Alpha.
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There is a source of bloodflower gum from which I have harvested tons in a short period of time. It's out there; you just need to look for it hard enough.
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The key is that if you're not finding what you're looking for in the hex you're in, go to another hex. Sometimes, you need to move to a different area of the map. Some Forest Hexes drop Yew, others drop Pine, they're not generally in the same area.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
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