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Would You Object to GW Dropping the Box Fee?

Not saying GWS should–I don't know where point "C" on the curve is for their revenue stream. I just mean, if GW decided it would be a smart move to drop the box fee, would you feel ripped off or be mad about it?

I wouldn't–whatever makes the most sense now works for me.
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As someone that bought it less than a month ago i would be totally for dropping box price if it means more players will come to this fantastic game.
I think they should raise it so they make more money each time someone starts the game. smile
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If they keep it, they need to create a EE account in which a player just pays a sub during EE and then can upgrade to the full game by adding the box price when they hit OE.

Other than that they should drop it (especially while its in EE)..
I see no reason to place any barriers to entry into the game. It really boils down to $15, which is the same as one month of play time.

Their focus should be on making a game people want to log on and play, then add all the complex systems, settlements, factions, etc. More people subscribed and playing means more revenue. Keeping a player subscribed for one additional month is the eqiivalent of adding a new player. It then becomes an argument over potential new players versus actual existing players. Ideally you want both. So content, at least to me, wins out over marketing strategy.
I have no objections.

I would also encourage the 15 day trail be changed to a 30 day trail period, which is more reasonable.
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Here is what I posted about that, over there.

I also have concerns that changing up the entry gate will alienate those backers. Then I remember that I would much rather see the game take off with new blood and succeed than see it fail because I couldn't get my head around a difference of $30.

Here is a link to that thread: MMORPG I am all for dropping the box fee if that is possible (for GW), would temper PR, and increase the player base. I feel the same about adjusting the sub fee in any way that also accomplishes these results. It would be nice if already spent free months and sub fees could be adjusted to equality (in such a case), but also not a big deal (to me) to just let it go. I have already gotten more than my $$$'s worth in entertainment from any free or paid months so far.

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$30 for an entry cost that includes one month seems like it would discourage more people than $15 that includes one month- but how many months would the discouraged players have subbed?

There's a market research and segmentation problem that I don't have the knowledge to do even if I had the data.
A lower barrier to entry is also a lower barrier to leaving, psychologically. Someone who DOES buy in is (IMO) more likely to put some effort into it and stick around or at least come back later to give it another try, since they feel they've already got some skin in the game.

I think that at this stage the game needs long-term invested players (who will learn the game systems and provide *informed* feedback, and possibly becoming evangelists themselves) more than it needs a larger, cycling mass of less-invested players who dabble for a month and leave again never to return. But I have no experience in the MMO business.
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Dropping the box price is a good idea.
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