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T2 Recipes for sale.

Elsworth Sugarfoot
Adept's Anarchic Charge-artificer
Adept's Anarchic Charge-iconographer
Adept's Axiomatic Charge-iconographer
Adept's Charge Gem-iconographer (3)
Advanced Hide Sheet +2
Advanced Hide Sheet +3 (2)
Advanced Leather Sheet +2
Blended Iron Battleaxe
Blended Iron Blanks +1
Blended Iron Light Mace
Captain's Scale
Comfortable Shoes (2)
Cotton Twine +2
Dwarven Steel Blanks +1
Dwarven Steel Ingot +1 (2)
Gold Bar +3
Explorer's Hat
Fine Padding +1
Fine Padding +3
Fine Yarn +1
Fishing Outpost Kit
Greater Consonant Gem +2
Intense Crystal +1 (2)
Medium Cloth Pack
Medium Leather Pack
Medium Leather Pouche
Merchant Clothes
Moderate Acidic Extract +2
Moderate Antiseptic Extract +2
Moderate Deadly Extract +2
Moderate Irritant Extract +1
Moderate Sedative Extract +1
Moderate Soothing Extract +3
Moderate Stimulant Extract +1
Moderate Tonic Extract +2
Moderate Varnish +1 (2)
Pale Crystal +2/+3
Ranching Outpost Kit
Sanctified Oak Buckler
Sanctified Steel Battleaxe
Sanctified Steel Spear
Soldier's Quiver
Sumptuous Necklace
Viridian Crystal +1
Warden's Quiver

only accepting offers of silver/gold unless it's an offer I can't refuse.
Let's talk later about the advanced sheets and the gold bar.
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