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[classes]6/15 Class Cancelled


I was scheduled to teach about the combat UI on Monday 15th June. However, due to the launch of EE9 I will not be ready in time with this class! Sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it and I will attempt to find another topic soon but in the meantime I have some work to do before I can help folks understand the UI!
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Tink says Stab
Seems fair, the changes to the UI are quite big. Those new tooltips are sexy as fudge, yo.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
No, that's quite understandable, you can't teach something you don't know yourself, after all.
reschedule the class for the week after?

ps: remember to email Lee about it so he can put it in the patcher text: should be a very useful lecture for many of us
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On these boards I never speak for TEO, only for myself or PFU. Contact me if you want to hold a guest lecture for PFU
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