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Invert Mouse Y Axis

Gonna be straight with you here… I was in beta for Archeage, "preordered" it, and didn't do anything with it for about a year when they finally "allowed" the Y axis for the mouse to be inverted. Then I played, behind the power curve, a year behind everyone…

I know it might be on the list of things to do in 2018, but in the meantime is there something I can edit in my game files?

I do not want to use 3rd party software, nor can I just invert my mouse with macro software since there are menus to go through.

After logging in and realizing that I cannot invert my mouse, I fear I truly cannot play this game since I have been going inverted since Top Gun and Wing Commander back on the NES.

Thanks for your
Ryan Dancey
No Y-axis control at this time. There is a feature request on file for it, no eta.
Thanks for taking the time in answering my post.

Guess I'll wait until this is put into play to uhh play.

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