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Logout Timer

Elsworth Sugarfoot
This needed to be adjusted 2 patches ago. I know it's implemented, but just has the wrong value input. It's a quick fix to switch from 10 secs to 33 secs or so.

It's a basic pvp thing. Lets git r' dun.
Agree with Elsworth
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Yes please.
Memory-High Priest of Desna
Agreed. I hate suspecting people of combat logouts. It's a level of paranoia I don't need in everyday PVP.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Quijenoth Starkiller

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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Disappointed that this wasn't in the last patch. It's still happening. Come on, put it to a stop.
Just Dak
"combat logging" is a common issue with games with pvp.

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Elsworth Sugarfoot

It looks like this has changed if you are in combat. CHEERS!

10 second timer is still applicable to people out of combat, that's what I saw the other day.
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