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Trial Characters and Influence

What happens to the holdings of a company that falls below the 6 person limit that case? I assume the two newbies that joined my company is gone for good now…. I really should get my act together and start recruiting, but lack the energy until the NewCorp situation is clear…
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Caldeathe Baequiannia
If you have no influence, the holdings vanish, though there are artifacts on the minimap for at least a while that make it appear you still control the hex.

It's going to be complex, but they have to decide on some lines. What if someone subscribes for a year, then leaves for a month or two, then comes back? what if they just accidentally forgot to change a Credit Card number or expiry date on a no-longer-valid card, and aren't paying attention to email over their vacation and their characters go dormant?

(thoughts below)

I think there will have to be an easing off, rather than a precipitous removal, but there has to be something. Otherwise if the game succeeds, the map will be packed with holdings. Possibly influence should have an expiry date. If a point of influence, and a contribution to cap, were both active and expired 6 months or 1 year after it was generated, but high level characters continue to generate influence at a comparable rate to the start, then alts and vanished people can be made self-correcting.

Don't let a character add 100% of their cap value for others, instead make it 25% or something. Every Character fills the majority of their own cap, and must keep refilling it, or it disappears over time. An abandoned or deleted account starts to bleed away after abandonment, and six months from being abandoned has no value to the company. If they come back, they start gaining and raising the cap again
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Baron Malthius
It was always my understanding that the logging capabilities that are currently in place (at one point I was told there were none at all) are woefully inadequate to say the least. I think before they can even write any code to change this they would need to overhaul their logging functionality and add additional analytics and that will take quite some time.

There is really no other way to not only figure out the exact impact (and thus produce a solution that goes with the developers intentions but is still fair) but also to keep track of any future related issues. Not to mention, additional logging and analytics will help with tracking many other aspects of the game, especially during EE where we are all essentially beta testers.

In addition to user interface and of course social aspects, I do think refactoring/adding to logging and analytics capabilities should be at the top of the priority list. It is a lot of overhead I understand but it would make a lot of these issues a lot more manageable and in addition any new issues can be traced and looked at with greater efficiency.

As for my feelings on the topic of alts themselves. The question in my mind anyways is not so much a matter of if but when. You see, at this present moment the issue here is that there are simply not enough players to make up for the deficit that removing all of these alts from the influence calculations would create. Considering the vast prevalence of one or two man companies where all of the characters and alts are run by a single player or two, this could lead to a potential catastrophe for the game.

Timing is key. When the player base has expanded to where it gets closer to what the original design had in mind or greater, then this should be rectified. At that point there will be that critical mass that we have all been waiting for and therefore any pretense of needing to do this is no longer valid.

The problem right now is with the population so horrendously low, new companies are at a huge disadvantage if they don't get a few alts in just to begin accumulating influence at all. Since influence is tied to pretty much any potentially meaningful activity and there are no other ways for a company to participate with any other resource, anyone who doesn't artificially increase their cap for whatever reason (mostly due to a sense of honor for the most part) will be crippling themselves unless they are already a big enough group or have the support of one where they do not have to worry about such things.

If people want to make a new company and start building up to someday making an impact, there is no incentive not to conduct this practice and many downsides to following what the devs prefer people not to do. The solution for now is create more incentives and more ways for a new group or an aspiring new player group to have an impact on the game without having to resort to such things.

That and less things should be tied directly to influence, which is something I have stated in grave detail concerning settlement warfare in the past so I won't go into those details again for now.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
I proposed something similar back in June: Inactive Members

It looks like, at the time, the biggest reason not to do it that people could come up with was that GW didn't want active subscription numbers easily calculated by checking everyone's rosters. I think the benefit outweighs that drawback, though, especially now that things have changed and population is on the rise.

Really, it seems like it should be a simple change. There is obviously already a way to tell if each account is active, so apply that to how the accounts are displayed. Even a very basic UI change that italicizes inactive characters or applies a strikethrough or changes color to red or something would be enough. Applying whether accounts are active to the influence calculation should be even more trivial. The only way that it wouldn't be trivial that comes to mind is if the active/inactive check is done on a separate login server only and never actually on the game server, which would potentially be a huge security vulnerability and should be changed anyway.
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@ Baron Malthius

That's a meaty post. New players can easily get into the company game. They only need one other live person or 2 active accounts. Everyone has 3 characters per account. With 6, Influence starts to show up an there is a cap of 300. That's enough for a holding and a cpl outposts. Nothing fancy and I am not sure if they can do it outside of a settlement's auspices, but there yah go.

I am pretty sure that we (and GW) are talking about Trial Accounts (mostly) as well as lapsed subscriptions here and potential abuses. At least I hope that we are. If we take our legit Alts (who are actively subscribed characters) away from counting as members, there will be seriously MORE complete New World reality than just unsubscribed characters no longer adding to caps.

To have enough for two holdings and two outposts each (of what I consider Minimum quality) you need 11 characters in a company.
Virtute et Armis
Additionally, do not forget that the original game was going to allow each character to be a member of 3 different companies at the same time if desired. Never really fleshed out much but, if I remember right: #1 = 100% Influence contribution, #2 = 50% Influence contribution, and #3 = 0% Influence contribution.

Two choices were to be home settlement affiliated and one "outside" if desired? That is more hazy a recollection.
Virtute et Armis
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I think the "third company" option has kind of been subsumed under factions. I'm still hoping for at least one besides our main membership, but won't be surprised if it doesn't materialize soon.
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OK, if you remove everything but subbed and training characters from influence you will be removing:
  1. non training subbed alts (one on a DT account and 2 on every normal account)
  2. all trial accounts current or not
  3. any currently non-subbed accounts

The likely result of this for some of the more established groups in game is a significant reshuffle and a reduction by up to 50% in the number of active companies as people move characters from unviable companies into more viable ones.

Is that a bad thing? No idea.

Minor point. The initial effect of this will be minimal on longterm bigger settlements with hundreds of thousands of bulk goods in store. It will also have minimal effect on new companies. It will however be an issue for medium companies/settlements that have not built up much in the way of bulk goods and relying on influence from unsubbed previous members to maintain their settlement level.
Are we actually retaining ANY of the trial accounts? My feeling is that all the ones I have spoken to/intracted with are gone when the billing time comes…
Schedim: Peddler and dealer in stuff easily transported, restless wandering the land of the River. Trying to find out how to reawaken the cult of Hanspur. To realise this ambition I created the company named Rats of Hanspur.
You can reach me on:
Quijenoth Starkiller
DDO uses a last logged in system to manage guilds. It even displays on the roster.

It doesn't indicate activity of accounts (since its F2P) but it does have a system for guild leadership where if the leader has not logged in for 90 days the option to take control is passed to someone else. This someone else is pre-defined by the leader meaning they can (if on tour or something) rest assured someone they trust will manage it in their absence. if the predefined doesn't pick up the baton then it passes down to the officers and finally the regular members.
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