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Just say no to excessive ability effects

Wyborn Cathmor
I had posted this on the IdeaScale site but since it is currently not being utilized…

I am perfectly fine swinging my sword and it just being a sword swing. No grand light effects needed. No bursts of power just because I swung a sword. No motes of energy being generated simply because I swing a blade. I do not need red/blue/green/yellow particle effects surrounding me everything I lop off a goblins head.

Please let weapon attacks be just that. Weapon attacks.

Now the caveat is that, when enchantments are added, a flaming sword should be… well, flaming. I am not arguing that point. But swinging my Dwarven Steel Greatsword with no magical shenanigans (flaming, frost, shock, holy, etc) should generate no crazy effects.

There are sanctified abilities, such as those sword attacks tied to Sarenrae, that generate fire. Again, this makes sense.

All I ask is that mundane attacks be… mundane. Differentiate, as is done now, by different attacks having different swing animations. That is enough. No lightsaber glow sticks needed.

Non Rambling Version:
Regular attacks do not need extra particle effects. Keep it simple.
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
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-Parables of Erastil

If you want a pretty light show play a cleric or wizard.
+10 if it would save the smallish team a great deal of time and effort.
Virtute et Armis
+1 to the non-glitzy base attacks
+1 agreed
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