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First steps

I got the chance to test the Alpha over the weekend, and I have to say that if all you start with is a club and some raggs on your body I'm luving it. smile

I kept reading in general that some wanted starter kits, why?

To make your own fortune from a single club in your hand is a challenge. Yes, over time as the economy gets into place, that club will be replaced fast. I did not find it hard to get other basic weapons or armour, and I even got a robe from another player when I was out exploring and gathering.

I still were not able to do eveything I wanted.

- I killed a player and got -7500 in rep, I were not able to repair the rep by killing monsters, so I recreated my char. Perhaps there is a way to get a positive rep, but i did not find out how. Perhaps there is no feats to do to regain rep?

- Gathered/Mined: This seemes to work, I even run up on the mountain hex.

- Crafting: I were only able to refine ore, it took 6 min. However in the mean time I ran around exploring. I will look more into crafting next time I will be ingame testing.

- PvE: I killed everything I saw, I got new achiev however what does these achiev do? I did not get better in killing more of the same monsters, or did I get feats to place on characther.
I'm happily pleased from this weekend testing, and even its alpha it was still allot of things to test and look at.

Just keep it challenged, dont get starter kits into the game, let the players drive the economy. smile
I'm not sure what the kill achievements (adventure) are for, but the weapon achievements are prerequisites for further training of attacks for that weapon.
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This alpha, they gave you a bunch of achievement points so that you could keep training with the increased XP. With out this, you would have to go out and earn them. Say you wanted to mine, you buy a couple ranks in it then it requires you to earn the "Ore Gatherer 2"<don't remember exact name> achievement, to level it higher. In order to earn that you have to mine 250 mining nodes etc.

I figure the adventure achievements are going to be related to the knowledge skills some how.
Its alpha, however on the other side it was very enjoyable testing the mechanics.
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