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Wizard expendables... NOT WORTH IT

Elsworth Sugarfoot

Never really used one in 5 months of pvp.

searing armor out dps everything. except cleric heals out heal all wizard dps, and archers and fighters both out dps mages. Don't use AoE damage argument. AoE in PvP is a drawback because you hit your own players.
Many folks have been trying to say this - albeit more politely - for a long time.
Nihimon murmurs in sheer ecstasy as the magic courses through his veins
Heres a suggestion - give wizards more "Utility Cantrips" instead!

Speed, crowd control, and protections should be cantrips alongside cheap single target spells - this would keep the damage focued in PvE on those that could actually take the hits…

Then, save expendables for the big hitters but MAKE THEM COUNT! fireballs that do half someones health and inflict massive burn. Lightning bolts that incinerate a single target. glacial blasts that damage, cripple defences, and slow you to a crawl. These should be common place. Mages should be feared, but their power should be their limitation!
I think Wizards could use a major design overhaul but I am not sure the result would receive any less complaints then the current iteration. I think it would be an interesting game environment where wizard spells had much more power then they do now and much more variety as well (variety is a great design goal with the current limitations on slots - make those choices hard, rewarding, and always with tradeoffs imo). What I would want to see in trade off then is much weaker cantrips overall. Keep some fun and some utility but cantrips around the power of current orisons would seem about right. Force Wizards to be the one 'power' based class. If a Wizard has a full power bar he will be extremely strong based on the decisions made with slotted expendables, out of power the Wizard is a squishy toothless character.

I think that would be an awesome variation and flavour for the game… for PvP.

The problem then is PvE! If power, burst and no sustainability is the flavour with expendables that really hurt what do you tell a new player that wants to PvE as a wizard? You have to run back to town every 30 min and spend 5 in a tavern? Camps and inn holding placement mandatory for Wizard farming? There is a lot to think about here.

Elsworth is no noob and he has farmed and done 5 months of PvP on cantrips alone. That should be an untenable option if expendables are buffed to where people seem to want them. Would removing the feasibility of doing that in order to provide massive hard hitting expendables be a reasonable sacrifice?

Again, personally I like the idea and it 'fits' wizards and my idea of them. But that is a pretty huge thing to ask people to do and while it can always be mitigated by multi-classing etc I would be very fearful of the screams of 'un-viable' future wizards looking for more sustain.
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Expendables in general are rarely useful in PvP right now.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Agree that most expendables don't work in Pvp.
Maneuvers are in a decent place for now all things considered.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Each class has 1 or 2 that are effective. Redouble, Wire Bolos, Greater Cure, Haste maybe the fighter maneuvers are decent I'm not that familiar with the others.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
I think a few of the Wizard class feature's don't even have expendables that match their keywords. most are being matched by evoker and necro
Stilachio Thrax
Elsworth Sugarfoot
Each class has 1 or 2 that are effective. Redouble, Wire Bolos, Greater Cure, Haste maybe the fighter maneuvers are decent I'm not that familiar with the others.

Fighter Maneuvers are ok. They have interesting effects, and some very useful ones at that. But they are a waste of power against all but the biggest bosses in PVE, and no target stands around long enough to cast them in PVP, making them rather useless there too. Maneuvers, if the are meant to mimic fancy weapon attacks, really should be closer to current weapon attack speeds than proper divine or arcane spellcasting speeds. But that would probably create some balance issues between spellcasters and fighters/rogues/melee clerics.
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