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Wizard class combines least hps with worst damage.

Elsworth Sugarfoot
Actually I went from 8 to 7 physical resist. Which is a 12.5% drop.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
And were you using the fact that clerics have the most powerful domain in the game (travel) as an argument for wizards?

You forgot to mention it also stacks with speed pots making clerics the fastest class bar none.
I'm loving having friendly wizards around in PvP for their various stuns (as well as dreading having the enemy's wizards around for the very same reason).

But it sounds like you're in a tough place when it comes to 1 vs 1.

I'm not sure my archer is particularly good in 1 vs 1 either, though. I barely see the damage bar move when shooting at heavy armor, and mages get to stun me, which while you seem to think isn't enough to win a DPS fight, it *is* enough time for them to escape me (whether to hook back up with their friends or just flee the fight entirely).

So in 1 vs 1… I can't kill a fighter and the fighter WILL kill me. I can't kill a mage because he can stun me and flee. I have a 50-50 chance on another archer, but either archer can probably escape the fight. And no one can kill a cleric if he wants to flee.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Yes, you are correct, mages can run away from you. thats their strongpoint. Stuns are good in group fights(must be setup by combo though), but dps is a better form of crowd control. Damage will always be king. also the fact that archers don't damage fighters as much virtually assures that mages get targeted first.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
With the armor changes giving wizards more hp and no les physical resistance the heals do better for them, just not as much better as other roles who lost physical resistance.

when something does "better" for you, but "much better" for other classes it's a relative nerf. That's the situation for Wizards.
I would have to agree with Sugarfoot on this one. Wizards need some help to be more balanced vs. other classes in 1v1 PvP.
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Wizards need some help to be more balanced vs. other classes in 1v1 PvP.
Is that the goal though?

Like EVE that sort of 'balance' might be really bad for PFO. While balance is definitely needed and I think there is ton of room for improvement still of course 1v1 PvP balance is a really bad measure of this.

Everyone can play everything and given infinite time, will. As long as every class has an interesting and viable niche I don't think they necessarily have to have the SAME niche such as 1v1 PvP.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Guys, the reason you think that mages are ok is that the ones you see play Tabomo, Nivia, Myself etc… all play together a ton and have found ways to be effective. We've put a lot of time into practicing fighting together. Just because we're surviving and doing ok doesn't mean things are balanced. I would rather have Tigari around than most other PvPers, but that doesn't mean that Rogues aren't broke.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
I will propose 1 solution which is to at least double the damage of mage expendables. I really think this is the right fix. They're hard to get off because of casting time, easily interuptable, use power so low rep guys will have less access to them. Only castable once per combat. It also requires slotting the correct wizard role to get the full effect. This will greatly effect the use of camps and small holdings. It won't mess up everyone's training by elevating some random attack that isn't killing joke.
For the most part, I generally agree with a lot of the criticisms Elsworth has about Wizards in PFO right now.

But I also want to point out this statement Ryan made a couple of years ago in Goblinworks Blog: A Three-Headed Hydra:

Ryan Dancey
It should be noted that balancing all possible character builds is not an objective of the design team.

In fact, balancing most character builds isn't an objective of the design team.

PvP balance is only one facet of a character and doesn't really define its usefulness in the game except for those characters who are focused on PvP. It is good to have several different builds that are balanced in PvP to create interesting strategic choices and to avoid a situation where everyone has a cookie-cutter character.

We've defined 4 areas of focus for the game: Exploration, Adventure, Development and Domination. Different types of characters will be better at one of those aspects of the game than others. A character optimized for fighting aberrations, undead, fey and other sorts of "monsters" might not be very effective at fighting player characters. A solider that is optimized to fight coherently in a unit might not be very good in a 1:1 encounter. And a person who constructs buildings might not put up much of a fight at all.

There are specialized roles that aren't balanced either. Characters who can track others, or who can scout ahead without being detected, etc.

Don't get too focused on figuring out how we'll balance every type of character against every other type of character. Because we're not going to do that.


I'm not saying they don't need to change anything, I'm just saying that PvP balance 1v1 isn't the reason those changes should be made.
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