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100% or 99.9% - does it make a difference

I'm asking in regard to reinforcements. It seems pointless to kill any monsters in a hex that is at 100% - unless you kill the escalation home hex first. But I noticed that the reenforcement rate of the Ustalavians went from 80 to 120. All 6 hexes around are pretty the same - maybe with the difference that sometimes a group gets killed on the way to the hex that we work on - so a hex drops to 99.9%.
So does the algorithm for reinforcement work different at 99.9% and 100% and does it actually make sense to keep hexes below 100%.
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There's no difference between how that works at any specific percentage, it just always gains .00001% of the strength of its neighbors, which I believe always gets rounded down to zero. At worst, it could account for 1 point of growth per hour.

The growth you're seeing now is all from internal sources. The source hex gets 80 points per hour naturally, and then gets additional points if an event times out (135 for the Strike Forces, 275 for the Drill Sergeants). Since Ustalav Invaders only has 1 phase, those growth rates aren't affected by the current strength of the escalation. In multi-phase escalations, the events that spawn are based on the current phase, which is based on the current strength, so in those cases the exact strength number could make a big difference.

Because there's basically no reinforcement going on, attacking infected hexes doesn't contribute significantly to taking out the source.
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