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Not impressed, what's the trick to get started?

I was disappointed about the character creation and attempting to obtain a start with your chosen class. After a few attempts to get past the first mission to become trained in the class deterred my interest. It seems Pathfinder Online is still in-development, the current state non-publishable version needs more testing. Pathfinder publication offered some unique features but it shouldn't take a PhD to get started playing the game.

What's the trick to get past step one when nothing appears, as the game dialogue says appears, in your inventory?
You have to click on the all tab there are three tabs in your inventory … There is a pretty steep learning curve but most ppl in general are really helpful if you have any questions …. You are free to message me in game as well and I can't try and help you out and or point you in the direction of someone who can … There is a guide of things to do in your first 15 days that I found really helpful
The other problem is that the class packs don't come from the class trainers. The Tutorial Trainer who teaches you to move also gives you all four class packs. If you don't do the movement tutorial first, then you'll be stuck when the class trainers tell you to open the class packs and equip things.
Go back and do the Movement Tutorial, and you'll get your packs
There are all kinds of problems with the start of the game, are no quest indicators meaning you have to GUESS who to talk to, i wandered around over an hour before i looked it up. Then i had to relocate where the tutorial person was at, just to get started. The two is all kinds of confusing with things all spread out and not very intuitive, the map itself is a cluster -bleep- cant tell what is what and its ONLY when you use actual M map that can finally kind of figure where to go.

Is a problem guys, you are saying hey here is my game come try it! but the game itself is not ready for that kind of publicity, and if you think people are going to pay 14.99 for a subscription to something like that… i think you will be disappointed. Only going to find your diehards sticking to it longer then maybe 1 or 2 months and that is even if they bother. I broke the tutorial in less then 30 seconds lol…and just moved on, i also found i couldnt delete my character… and remake another either.

All in all i think opening the doors this early is a very big mistake, and charging for it an even bigger mistake.
If we are suggesting some things that could be done a little better, I would like to say the new "Tool Tips". Do not get me wrong, they are really an awesome leap forward and very much improved. The only thing that I don't like is that until you purchase and slot the feats, you can't tell what the actual mechanical numbers are for them.

Someone that has been playing for a while and also knows where to look "outside" for info, isn't much bothered. What if you are just trying the game now? You are probably spending xp on things that you don't really want.
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1- Read the New Players Guide that is linked in the patcher. 90%+ of your initial questions are answered there.

2- Do the movement tutorial, select the "all" tab in your inventory.

3- Ask question in "general" or "help" channels in game.

4- (optional) join Pathfander Univeristy and read their "15 day guide".

5- (optional) consult

Have pacience, make friends, set your own goals.

If you want to lean more about the game goals, design choices, and current and future systems, read the blogs. smile
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The trick is simple. Talk to people.

Do not expect some NPC/Quest Marker/Objective Marker/Hand Holding Mechanic to tell you where to go or what to do. NPC's are not living and breathing. We, the population are. We will help you, give advice, guide you, and get you through. The NPC will stand there and stare at you.

The population of the game (even the murderers that will kill you for a Tansy Leaf) are very open to giving advice and helping folks. Use us.
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Well, don't use me if you haven't read the New Player guide first.
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The opening tutorial is entirely optional, you can skip it and go on your merry way if desired, it's not at all a requirement to start getting your 'class' features. It's also a bit confusing at the moment, they have stated they are gonna fix the starter class pack thing to just be in a box you can pull from next to each class trainer.
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