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Not impressed, what's the trick to get started?

i also found i couldnt delete my character… and remake another either.

Like all the MMORPG I know you set your character to delete but it is actually deleted at downtime. Not that there is any reason to delete a character in PFO. Having trained some skill don't bar you from training different skills.
And you can have up to 3 characters on the same account (but only 1 get XP) so there is no problem with creatign a second character if you dislike the first.
Reading the guide help. There is a link in the launcher.
The trick is join a settlement straight away and start interacting with real people.

If you do not already know people in game to hook up with, signing up with Pathfinder University for a few months till you find your feet is a very good start.

What you should not try in PFO is the "I am going to crack this game without reading the manuals, asking on forums or talking to people in game". Even if we had better tutorials it is far too different to TT and traditional MMOs for that to pay off.
What Edam said. This an excellent social game and a pretty miserable one for lone wolves. If you aren't ready to make a decision on your political faction then join PFU.
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