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Giving monsters and NPCs a little life

This may already be in the plans for the finished product, but I would like to see NPCs and monsters wander a little. NPC trainers should be going about their business when not talking to a PC. Thornguard could mill about a bit without leaving their posts. Monsters could wander a little (although I would caution against true wandering monsters….I can see being involved in a pitched battle, only to have 10 new monsters enter the fray.)
Absolutely. This is in the plans. Patrolling guards, wandering mobs to add a little danger, roving groups of bandits.
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Wyborn Cathmor
Not to mention it would be nice to have a few hexes that AREN'T overran with Ogre, Elemental, and Goblins oh my!

A nice secluded forest area where there are dear and rabbits and such with maybe the occasional goblin/bandit/etc. would be nice.

Every Hex should not be a monster invasion. smile

Back to you point though Maxen, yes it is planned to have the creatures have a little more life to them. Right now they are very static. And I will say that I am all for being in a pitched battle and having 10 new monsters enter the fray… but maybe they don't like what I am fighting so they attack them too!

Picture fighting a bandit camp when suddenly a group of Ogre come across the hill and below as they charge. They tear into your group AND the bandits!

Now that would be fun. lol
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
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