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question on map

my world map isn't showing any icons that i can see to tell me where any settlements are. i'm traveling blind if i go anywhere and some of the quests i've gotten say so many hexes from 'town/settlement' but i have no idea where they are. is there something wrong with my map or am i just blind?
Ryan Dancey
Zoom in and turn on Map Details.
i have zoomed in but i don't see any where to turn on details. i have a + and - and a circle that when i click centers the map on me and no other buttons/options
Top right corner of the world map there should be two rectangular buttons. They are absent when you are zoomed in and appear as you zoom out.One says Hex Details (symbols, settlement names), and the othe says… Hex something else smile (puts the hex grid overlay on). If you can't see those buttons, also make sure you're on world map, not settlement.
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ah ha!! so apparently too far zoomed in AND too far zoomed out and the hex details button doesn't show. so i was going from zoomed in to zoomed way out and there was no hex details button. just zoomed out slower and see. THANKS! this had been driving me crazy. now to figure out how to make that long journey alive…lol
Tink says Stab
Yeah, this map is the first iteration of some new technology, so it is lacking polish. I imagine it will get a fair bit better next polish sprint (EE12?). Maybe even before then!
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