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I did a long post in the thread about wizards and the other about attack condiderations, and how rogues also need a buff and was told I should make another thread for rogues. so here it is. I'm just going to copy what I wrote over there:

PLEASE LOOK AT THE ROGUE ATTACKS! The short sword, and dagger attacks don't hurt much, there not much faster then the 2handed weapons (the spear is also just as fast), and they don't do great debuffs or effects. This coupled with how squishy a rogue is, being a melee rogue is stupid when talking in perms of PvP. Then on to the Shortbow, theres NOTHING the shortbow can do that the longbow can't do better. PLUS the longbow has the RANGE. As a ranged character, unless you have alot of extra tankiness, You NEED that extra range.

I get that GW said they want Fighters to do the bulk of straight physical damage to a single target, but they need to find out what they want rogues to do… Rogues are nothing but weak fighters right now. The main thing I've been hoping for, and tryn to explain to people as they ask why they should stay rogue, is future mechanics. Mainly talking the Wound Point System and targets being "Maimed". Every time I ask about this..its NO ETA. Do rogues have to continue to wait and be the weak ugly duckling class?

Sneak attack was brought up in the other post. Yes, the +10 base damage is nice. specially double with MoO:Suffer. BUT those these things also boost any other weapon we're using. My main problem with rogues are their weapons. They suck….
Tig is pretty much the only rogue i ever see in pvp. I have never once gone om that rogue over their is messing us up, kill him. Please fix.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
seriously Tig needs help.
Wyborn Cathmor
Tigari had help tonight… it was called Phyllain stabbed me as I was taking him out thus preventing me from killing him.

Given that I propose that all rogues be issued a Phyllain, class fixed. smile
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
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Rogues, the first class with a pet!
Rapier Trick seems like a pretty powerful melee attack, as long as you're getting sneak attack. In addition to better damage per time than any non-rogue attack faster than 1.5 seconds (fastest attack with more damage per time is longsword channel smite; best non-class attack in terms of damage per time are wind-up and impale, with less than 10% more; best damage per time without a cooldown is Virulent Edge (cleric), with a stamina cost of 78. Damage per stamina is similarly good, if you except a few outliers like the basic attacks and puncture.

Given how annoying it is to have exhausted, I'd say that having 50 exhausted on top of competitive damage is pretty good, and rogue-exclusive.
yes, your right, that ONE attack is great. I even put xp and time into getting my one handed fencing up to teir 2 for it. But that's one attack. AND being in melee as a rogue is dangerous. As range, I'm constantly having to use evade to get some distance. As a melee rogue, that wont be possible (using evade as melee is still only 20m).

So again, I say rogues suck.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
I would say, for the Short Bow, remove the rooting for "Shoot and Move". Just that one attack, to create a meaningful choice between Short Bow vs. Long Bow.

"I don't find PVP targets often, but when I do, I'm a Rogue"
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1- Your post mentions weapons, what is your view on how effective are rogue maneuvers (individualy and compared to other roles)?

2- Are you able to determine how to coordinate with party members to set up 'battlefield conditions" to set up situations that make your rogue more effective? Is this easy or hard to do with the current UI limitations?

3- Are there multiple viable builds for rogues (scout, skirmisher, melee, archer, multi-role) that gives you lots of hard choices to make, or has experience taught you that only a few builds/feats are worth it (thus must haves) and the rest is filler (safe to ignore)?
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Hobson Fiffledown
Rogue is my only dedicated combat role character. I agree that they are squishy and attack with the force of a tired baby. My crafters with a minimum T2 split into combat roles wipe the floor with the rogue in PVP and PvE situations. The rogue has all R4 attacks, T2+2 eq, and maxed utilities with matching keywords, and even fair solo fights are still a bit tense. The others have one or two R4 attacks and barely into T2 eq, no utility keywords, and can button-mash and wade through groups of mobs. I'm not saying I want an easy button for Rogues, just some viable options for staying competitive.

I think GW really needs to figure out what they want a rogue to be in their game.
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