For leveling -anything- towards T3, raising your stats is ths big effort. Until your main stat is well above 20, raising it is not wasted.

For a cleric, anything that gives wisdom contributes. If it is something you will actually use (and enjoy), that is pretty much optimal. On the other hand, anything else that you will actually use (and enjoy) is also worth the xp, while buying skills only to get the 'cheapest' stats is… well, efficient for those that are aiming for a extremely focused build but for everyone else it's better to get the stats by widening your repertoire.

As been said before, gathering skills (scavenger and forester up to rank 7+ so you can collect T2 goods) is a very good option for cleric.

But the real answer: dabbling in crafts at low levels (1-4) is cheap, so try it out. But don't go to higher levels until you know what you are doing.
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