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Death may not be permanent but needs to matter

Wyborn Cathmor
I know Pharasma has barred us from entering the afterlife. However, falling in battle should be at least somewhat traumatic. Right now, when you defeat someone in a mass battle they are back stabbing you in the back in ten seconds… full health and rearing to go.

We have to be able to take people out of combat in order for mass combat to mean anything. Right now it is a battle of attrition that goes on until one side gives up before their gear is broken or all of their gear is broken. Tower combat favors the attacker as there isn't a way to actually remove them from the field. Thus they simply sprint back in and tick a few more points before being sent to the shrine again.

What I would like is something that levels the field for attackers and defenders… you have what you bring. Your companion beside you falls in battle do not expect to see them back anytime soon.

I just want it to matter when I kill someone or for it to matter when they kill me.

Shadowbane had a system where upon defeat you spawned at a ring a ways off from where you defeated AND you had a severe penalty for, I believe, five minutes. This meant that falling in battle left you weakened for a short period of time… and it should! Most forms of bringing back folks from death in Pathfinder leave you with negative levels… yet in the River Kingdoms we come back as virile as ever 1 second after death.

Make death matter… especially in large scale conflict.
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
"The first gift you ever receive is your family. We all grow from the seeds of our parents' plant."
-Parables of Erastil
Hobson Fiffledown
When soul binding come into play and you Rez back at your home settlement or other bind point, and when item threading means a lot of your equipped items can go bye bye, death will have a bit more bite to it.
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Saiph the Fallen
I couldn't agree more. Though, like Hobson said, death will eventually matter (hopefully soon!).
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