My company was at 1200 inf. All of which had been spent on holdings. When a member left the company the max influence dropped to 1162. but the total banked remained 1200 and the unspent was 0. Shortly after, and doing some escalations, I noticed the current influence had ticked up to 1206 and my unspent showed 6! it continued to grow for the next day or 2 so it doesn't appear to be simply a display issue.

I havent tried waiting to see if getting up anothet 50 would allow me to upgrade another outpost though.

I tore down some outposts and the issue corrected itself.

I have managed to replicate this in game to see if this was a one off glitch or not. I removed a couple alts to lower my max to under my banked and again the influence started to grow beyond my previous cap.