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T2 Monster Recovery Rate

Tink says Stab
I had a question about the recovery rate of monsters, specifically T2 monsters, but maybe some T1 ones as well.

From my experience, it is damn near impossible for me to get stacks of things like Slow onto T2 monsters. I'm not sure if this is just confirmation bias on my part, or if it is an actual thing. Do T2 monsters have some ungodly Recovery Rates for effects that make it so that they are dropping huge amounts each round?
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I'm able to easily get Tier 2 monsters Slowed to a slow walk, but I'm using Binding Web which puts Slowed 75 on them. They probably drop 30 stacks per round or more.
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I use a line up of Overdraw then Parting Shot then Follow Through Foresight, with Staggering Critical slotted too. Kiting purples, this usually gets the mob slowed allright, however the true "Slow Walk" is very hard to accomplish: they are usually still jogging mostly. When I reach that state where they actually "walk", it will only last for a second max. But to keep them in the state one up from walk is doable. This is with a Bow off course.
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I can confirm what tyncale said. With a similar setup I have no problem keeping purples slowed down to a slow jog with Follow Through Foresight alone. I don't use reactives for an extra slow atm.

In case you are an archer, it's possible that you don't keep enough distance between you and the mob. If they are too close, they will get to you and lose the opportunity state before your Follow Through Foresight hits resulting in no slow debuff being applied.
Being able to stack stuff on mobs is really sort of missing the point of the thread imo. I can take 30 people and keep a bunch of stuff stacked all the way up on purples to debuff them.

Stacks fall off of top end monsters VERY quickly. Is this intended behaviour? If it is intended it might be interesting to think about tweaking that sometimes for luls in future monster design. Sometimes people don't seem to believe stuff in game works because it is hard to notice. Having otherwise strong mobs that don't shake stacks quickly so you can actually really see what that debuff does at 100% might be instructive for players.

Same thing with Epro actually. Just to show people the result having an otherwise high end mob with low Epro might be neat.
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Do T2 monsters have some ungodly Recovery Rates for effects that make it so that they are dropping huge amounts each round?

I think it depends on the mob. Fighting Usties and Mordants, it seems like rogue-type mobs shed slow stacks very quickly, for example, but fighter and caster mobs don't shed slow nearly as fast.
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