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PFO Can't Succeed Because of Unity?

I hear that a lot on MMO boards–that Unity has fundamental limitations that mean PFO can't be successful. For example, I recently read a response that PFO can never have dungeons…because Unity. I don't have the technical knowledge of Unity to know if this is a real issue–any Unity experts want to pipe up with their thoughts on whether Unity is robust enough to work for PFO long term?
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I vaguely recall a few years back easy Dungeon creation was one of unities selling points? I have never had anything to do with unity though so do not quote me on that.

It is probably just more Andius alts stirring up trouble again. Most of the witch hunts stirred up on MMO boards trying to find/create/fabricate alleged problems with PFO seem to have the same source.
Ryan Dancey
There is no basis in fact to any of that stuff.
It looks like PFO might be using heightmaps, which would mean that the dungeons would behave similarly to the tech demo dungeon, which worked the way it did to step around a limitation of heightmaps.
Duffy Swiftshadow
It's total B.S. Unity is a perfectly viable engine with pretty much all the modern features.

looks pretty capable to me
Ryan Dancey
There are lots of problems with implementing dungeons. Unity is not one of them.

Dungeons require us to have built a lot of art assets and environments. They require more AI programming. They require us to build more camera tech to deal with interior spaces. We have to write tech to manage the sorts of things you will expect in dungeons like doors, locks, switches, etc. We have to deal with the issues of line of sight and the load on the video system. It is almost like making another whole game. We just don't have the time or resources to work on that yet.
Ryan Dancey
We have to deal with the issues of line of sight and the load on the video system. It is almost like making another whole game.

Until line of sight actually matters dungeons will be either very abuseable or hilariously frustrating.

I can just imagine people pulling out their hair as couple of Mordent Spire Archaeologists are burning them down through walls (or floors) with no indication of what is causing the damage.
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