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Gathering Bonus at LVL 6 ?

I have heard that there may be a 30% gathering bonus for yield from nodes when we go from lvl 5 to lvl 6 gathering in mining, forestry etc.

Could anyone please confirm that this is the case?
The only thing I've seen discussed, that you might be referring to is that level 6 gatherers get more tier 1 resources, than level 7 gatherers do, because the algorithm looks at giving you resources from the highest tier, first.

It is actually working quite well, because otherwise level 7 would be too much of a min/max powergamer sweetspot.

The rewards for going beyond level 6 are substantial, though. One gather from my level 12 gathering almost always sells for more than one gather from a level 6 gatherer (and it takes less time).
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Note that increase your gather skill effects more than yield. You also gather faster, a level 10 gatherer takes a second or so to gather a node versus 5 or 6 seconds at low level.
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