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Hammerfall Auction House

Very, very bad form to be going into each other's Auction House threads. If you want to post a better price, post in your own AH thread please.
The price that an item is listed at is meaningless. The price that an item is actually being bought is the only thing that matters, and we don't have that data yet.

I'm also pretty sure we can't see who actually listed something at a particular price. Why, I could almost imagine someone intentionally listing something at a ridiculous price just to make a point…
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Who would do such a thing!? *looks at the stacks of goods that were posted on KB two weeks ago at a 300% markup*
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It is also important to note that prices in one settlement will not necessarily match prices in another. This could be due to several factors. A particular material may be more rare in the north than the south so may sell higher there, for example.

Hell, travel around your local area and look at the difference in gas prices. Sometimes a station within sight of another is way higher… and yet people purchase fuel there. Why? Loyalty? Convenience? Ignorance?

It will be the same in the River Kingdoms. Prices will fluctuate settlement to settlement.
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The reality is, there are people who make regular rounds of various auction houses. There are AHs that are doing brisk trading, and it is likely because they have found appropriate price points for their typical customers. It is not hard for buyers to compare, and for sellers, even now I think it becomes self evident if their prices are out of line with "the norm". There are spreadsheets that make it easy for buyers to see the value of raw mats that have gone into an item, the markup for refining, and the markup for crafting. My personal favourite is Quijenoth's of Callambea since there is an Open Office version as well as Excel.
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Hammerfall Auction House continues to get ramped up. Lodestone, deep blue spinnels, saplings, bloodflower gum and others available.
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