(I know some of this may already be planned/announced, I just want to make a comprehensive list. This is in no specific order)

1. Role Advancement.
There needs to be some serious diversity. I should be able to make an archer type, and not have to waste xp on strength based feats I don't want. Personality needs more options. Crafters/Gatherers shouldn't have to be half a cleric to hit the higher levels.

2. Recipe drops.
Every Recipe in the game needs to have all its harvested and scavenged ingredients in the game and tested. This should really be the focus of an entire week, in Alpha. Every hex drop/loot/harvest configuration should be loaded and focus tested.

3. Reputation needs to be sorted out.
The only necessary sanctioned PvP is against 'red' targets. There needs to be a low rep training/support option, that is not as expansive or high level. This should be adjusted as people are advancing, but low rep characters should be quite a few ranks behind everyone else, to balance the relative ease of stealing instead of gathering/refining/crafting.

4. All art assets need to be in the game.

5. Feats need mouse-over data:
-Bonuses(don't need number!)
—Small Dex= ~.01, Med Dex= ~.05, Big Dex = ~.1

6. Multi-Requirement Achievements need a checkoff, so you know what is missing.

7. Party Persistence.
Being occasionally crashy is acceptable, as long as you hold your position in a party.

8. Location Tracking.
When you die, you should get a temporary location marker so you can go back to that area. I don't want to see party dots on the main map, I think that perception+mini-map should be everything you see. Part of adventuring should be setting regroup locations, and there should be emphasis on party coherency. Maybe 2x your perception radius can see party members, or you get arrows to party members in your hex. But I shouldn't be able to see my party members locations hexes away.

9. Companies, company storage, and sponsorship.

10. Remove General Chat, and anything that isn't local.

11. Threading

12. Looting
Mob and Player, no more instant load. Looting should take some time. and present opportunity and flat-footed.

13. Encumbrance.