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Two Bugs, small amount of influence disappearing, and Feud costs off.

Brighthaven Leader
We have noticed two issues.

1) Random influence is gone from some companies, we have seen 1, 4, and 20 points of influence disappear from the companies, in front of our eyes, just removed. No one left, no one joined, it has taken it from max influence, and it has taken it when we were at max influence.

2) We have figured out that there is a floor to the costs of feuds, also Feuds are not checking to see if a group has high end experience/what ever it suppose to be looking for. Once your target company hits 50 members there is a floor to how much it costs you to feud them (if you add more people to your company that cost goes up, but if they add people the cost stays the same). We checked every company on the board that has 50 or higher members, as well as companies under 50 people. Also, companies that have the exact same members, under 50, cost the exact same for a feud.

It seems like the system actually might not be working as intended.
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Ryan Dancey
I've filed a bug but it's not clear to me that there's actually a bug here with regard to the influence calculations. There are a lot of systems that work in the background and operate at a slower-than-realtime speed and you may just be seeing some lag in the updates to the various values.

I think the team is working on an iteration of the Feud costing mechanic for EEv10 already so that work may overlap the bug you're reporting about the costing system.
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