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Advice for a monk.

Lee Hammock
My advice on a Monk on the understanding that currently we have done very little development work on the Monk compared to most classes:

1. Buy spear. It's the only weapon currently in our lineup that is also a monk weapon in Pathfinder.
2. Buy up all your defense bonuses. Monks have awesome saves in table top.
3. Monks will have some form of cloth armor most likely in order to be tied into the item economy (and some sort of hand wraps for unarmed combat bonuses). I think you'd be hard pressed to play a cloth wearing melee combatant given the current feats and items, so you may want to suck it up and go with light armor for now.

Really spear focused rogue with lots of defense bonuses is probably the closest you can get to monk currently. Getting up your Dexterity and Wisdom are definitely good plans.
Don't forget that monk weapons are mostly light weapons so dagger/short sword/club attacks with light weapon proficiency would be a good use of xp and will help raise that dex.
Sweet guidance, now let's all make a separate thread for advice for preping for a: Barbarian, Bard, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer and see if Lee is feeling generous with info. (Grin)
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I appreciate the question and responses, given I am very interested in playing a monk in PFO.
Bumped for guy interested in monk
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