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War Mechanic

Elsworth Sugarfoot
So it's been months since I fought anyone not in the EBA, and yet my reputation sits at -7500 because a lot of people who are unfeuded get involved in fights. In EoX we don't have the luxury of having our pvpers take a week off since we're outnumbered so badly everybody is essential.

I really think there needs to be some kind of war mechanic that allows you to feud entire alliances/settlements permanently (or at least until you stop paying whatever the cost is). I realize reputation is there to discourage random murder, and to gimp the people who do, but that's not what's happening here. This is the kind of conflict that I think is in the intent of the game design.
As an unfeuded participant, it does need some work. Feuds seem fine for short altercations, but nothing is really "decided" in one feud. Something that encompasses more players (friends/allies) is more or less necessary in the long run. Therefore, I largely agree with Elsworth, however:

Elsworth Sugarfoot
In EoX we don't have the luxury of having our pvpers take a week off since we're outnumbered so badly everybody is essential.

I don't take a week off. Your rep is just too low (in general) to affect mine much, even when I do strike first.

I wonder how the removal of towers will affect the average length of feuds. Will they last longer in general? It does feel like we're trying to use the tool that we have to solve all of our PvP problems when we really need a different tool to better accommodate an ongoing conflict.
War Mechanics for Settlement vs. Settlements are planned, doubt they'll make it into EE10, so no known ETA, but they are planned. They were discussed at the Paizocon Settlment Panel - which I think was recorded and you can watch. Ryan posted a thread on here and on
Aurora Silverstar, Pathfinder University Quartermaster & Explorer
Kiernan Silverstar, Aurora's lazy & good-for-nothing younger brother who just likes to blow things up.

PM MidknightDiamond on Paizo Forum
Settlement vs settlement in hex during feuds will not address third party paticipats in feud conflicts.
There needs to be a way for third party participants to be flagged during conflicts.
Duffy Swiftshadow
Ditto, some way to even influence fee to piggy back on a feud would be awesome, but I'm sure it's complex and possibly farther down the road issue. Probably better to include some nominal banditry system (so less rep issues) to encourage targeting supply lines and mules instead of trying to shoehorn in a giant temporary feud alliance system. More PvP options will help a lot more in my opinion than trying to force the existing one to cover everything.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
I'll return to the thought that a reciprocal feud (declared within 24 hours of the expiration or cancellation of an existing feud) should cost substantially less than a new one, allowing groups that enjoy fighting to continue at reduced cost. Even further, if the cost was cut in half for each subsequent, ensuing, feud, then after a few reciprocals, it would cost virtually nothing to keep the feud going as long as both sides care to.
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