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Falling through the world

Getting sick of using spells and falling into the world for whats left of the hour. Can we please fix this. maybe, someday?
Wyborn Cathmor
Maybe it is Asmodeus attempting to suck you into Hell Phyllain. Pharasma just won't let us die so you keep coming back. It just takes her a bit of negotiation with old horn head, hence the delay. smile
Seriously though, the falling through the world thing should be pretty high priority to get fixed. I know a lot of people that have simply stopped using any ability with the charge mechanic because of it.
Wyborn Cathmor of Keeper's Pass
"The first gift you ever receive is your family. We all grow from the seeds of our parents' plant."
-Parables of Erastil

I have not used any charge mechanics since EE1.
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I use charge minor cure on myself (to bypass the timeout on normal minor cure) - cos you never charge when self healing so it is safe.

Longsword Lunge on flat ground is pretty useless for its original stated purpose of getting into combat BUT actually makes a very effective alternative to evade to get out of combat (hit the guy next to you and move in a random direction away from him).
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