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Question about sneak attack

So, I've played as a rogue type of character for almost 15 years in various games. Every time I'm able to stealth and hit for a tremendous amount of damage from stealth then stealth is broken and the fight continues, or I can go back into stealth and slip back into the shadows.

I've been playing this game for about a week, and so far it looks really cool, and I see it having a tremendous amount of potential.

My question is, as a rogue, how exactly does sneak attack work? I'm assuming this is my big damage boost hitter from stealth. I see that cutthroat applies sneak attack if the target isn't targeting me. So from a 1 v 1 POV, I should be able to engage the target from stealth on the first hit and with cut throat, sneak attack applies? Do I need to use a specific attack or just any attack from stealth works as long as they aren't targeting me (assuming they can't see me)?

I think if I figure this sneak attack out and it works like I'm thinking it does, then rogue doesn't seem as horrible as I originally had thought (well until everyone has max level perceive, then I guess that'll be a whole different post in another life - ah, maybe if rogue had a different active utility skill that boosted the passive stealth skill, or just made them invisible regardless of perceive smile) lol smile

Thanks for the clarification! smile
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So, I've played as a rogue type of character for almost 15 years in various games. Every time I'm able to stealth and hit for a tremendous amount of damage from stealth then stealth is broken and the fight continues, or I can go back into stealth and slip back into the shadows.

Right off the bat, you need to know that what you describe here is not how Rogues work in PFO, either by design or due to their feature-set being incomplete.

You really should read all of the recent, or recently updated threads on Rogue skill discussions so you are acquainted with the current state of the Rogue features.

The following are a good start:

Short basic clarifications:

Stealth provides no modifiers to combat damage in PFO, it merely determines if you are visible or not, and if you can be targeted. Also, it doesn't work right - currently, last I checked, the Perception/Stealth checks are bugged and make a high level stealther visible much farther out than they should be.

Second, rogues presently do not seem to have much at all in terms of burst DPS, what you have access to are more options for DoT's than most other classes, from what I can tell. Primarily bleed and affliction, with burning available through the "Distant Shot" feat.
Additional, here is a basic overview in how the various Rogue features work to provide "Sneak Attack".

Sneak Attack in itself really has nothing to do with sneaking, you can get the Sneak Attack bonus while in plain sight, mostly likely will usually. Kind of a bad name for the functionality I suppose. IIRC Sneak Attack bonus provides something like +10 Base Damage and an Affliction Debuff stack.

You get Sneak Attack applied in a couple ways. Suppose to get it when a target has the Flat-Footed conditional, not sure if that is fixed yet or not, also when you meet the requirements for your specific Rogue Feature. If you meet it, you get the Sneak Attack bonus on your attack.

Cutt-throat - Attack a target that isn't targeting you.
Daredevil - Attack any target while you are provoking Opportunity conditional.
Opportunist - Attack a target that is provoking Opportunity conditional.

See them all here:;a$
Thanks for the quick reply and helpful suggestions!

So maybe I wasn't completely clear in my question. I'm not saying that stealth gives the damage modifier but that cut throat does and that cut throat allows sneak attack as long as you aren't be targeted by the other player, right? I'm merely suggesting that stealth is a good facilitator of not being targeted by the other player, but the abilities granted by cut throat (maybe a different rogue ability/feat is better to use than cut throat?) are where the damage modifiers are coming from.

I've read both of those posts a few days ago, and in fact posted in the second one several times about stealth abilities (similar to what other people have already suggested).

But my main question still stands as to how sneak attack actually works - does cut throat apply sneak attack like I have described? Do I need to use a specific skill to activate sneak attack, or just any attack against a player who isn't targeting me considered a sneak attack with cut throat? Do I have to slot cut throat somewhere, or just activate some keywords from it?

Sure, it might be broken, sure it might not be completely implemented, but just a ballpark idea of how it is supposed to work would be fantastic smile. Especially since "what I described earlier is essentially not how rogues work in PFO."

But seems to me that most of the people who posted in those other two posts have similar views of rogue that I do - that is a damage dealer from stealth. I'm just confused as to how you actually use/activate a sneak attack.

Thanks! smile

Edit* ah, I just saw you posted again while I was in the process of responding. Let me look at the new materials you posted. Thanks again for the help and clarification, it is really appreciated!!smile
- From the shadows.
Ah, ok, I see now.

So the only thing I still don't understand is if you have to slot cut throat on your paper doll somewhere or just activate the keywords in order to use it?

Thanks again for the help!!!!
Officially a Doc fan now smile
- From the shadows.
Duffy Swiftshadow
The Role Feature is a slottable feat that goes in the top left corner of your paper doll. It's those big gold icons you get from the Role Specific trainers. For Rogues their feature is various Sneak Attacks, the difference between each of them is what conditions trigger the Sneak Attack damage (+10 Base Damage) and the Afflicted debuff. Also important to know: whenever you meet the conditions to do Sneak Attack damage you will also trigger the Rogue Reactives which can apply additional debuffs.

Roles Features scale with level, not with keywords. However, they do provide the keywords for your expendables (the top row on your hotbar). To slot attacks there you need to equip the right type of implement and have learned some expendables. These attacks will pull their keywords from the Role Feature. For Rogues you want to equip Rogue Kits and slot Rogue Maneuvers.
Aha, ok. Perfect, thank you so much for the detailed response!

Now everything makes a whole lot more sense. smilesmilesmile

Can't wait to get home and try it out smile
- From the shadows.
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