Name: Golden Griffon
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Settlement: Sunholm
Allied Settlements: Hope’s End, Canis Castrum
Primary Deity: Abadar

The Order of the Golden Griffon is an adventuring company based in Sunholm. Inspired by Abadar, and led by holy stewards of Abadar’s philosophy, the company is composed of members representing the full spectrum of role abilities (Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, and more). Golden Griffon spreads the light of civilization by defeating invading monsters and foes within and near the territory of the Aeonian League.

The Order of the Golden Griffin is recruiting combat oriented adventurers. We conduct operations against invading monsters regularly (PvE), and we are ready to defend our home and allied settlements against foreign aggression and bandits if necessary (PvP). We fight to protect and enhance the wealth and prosperity of ourselves and our home and allied settlements. We intend to help establish Sunholm as a strong and prosperous Lawful Good settlement within the Aeonian League to bring balance to the presence of the successful Lawful Evil settlement - Hope’s End. In the long run we are likely to return to status as a Lawful Neutral company chartered to Canis Castrum.

PvE Activity
We vigorously defend the territory of our home and allied settlements against invading monsters in the form of escalations.
We help to manage these escalations in a way that benefits our home and allied settlements.
We participate in special events that require the protection of the region from hostile forces.

PvP Activity
We defend ourselves and those under our protection from attack.
We defend our home and allied settlements and their holdings from foreign aggression and bandits.
We do not participate in attacks against settlements with temples to Abadar (but we always defend against those that attack our allies).

Some of our members craft in addition to conducting combat operations, but those with an emphasis in crafting are encouraged to join crafting companies in Sunholm or Canis Castrum.

Structure Management
We operate holdings and outposts and those with an interest in these economic pursuits in addition to combat duty are encouraged to apply.

To Join
You can apply in-game by searching companies for “Golden Griffon”, clicking on “Golden Griffon” to select it and then pressing the “Apply” button on the Company Details page. The in-game name of the company is “Golden Griffon”.

All members are asked to register at, where you can learn more about Golden Griffon, Sunholm, Canis Castrum, Hope's End, and the Aeonian League.

In addition to game chat, most of us use the Aeonian League Mumble voice server to coordinate our actions. (information about the voice server can be found at

The primary (but not only) group activity time for the Company and the Settlement is 7pm to 8pm Pacific Time. (10pm to 11pm Eastern Time) We frequently play with members of our allied settlements and Aeonian League members are often online.