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PFO The Dating Site

Had one of those sleepless nights and came up with this weird idea on how to get more players into PFO - advertise it as a great meet up place for gals looking for guys! smile

Sounds really silly at first glance but let's take another glace at the idea, shall we?

The game currently has a number of single, divorced and widowed men of various ages, though mostly older than the college crowd. These men, for the most part, have good paying jobs or they wouldn't have put so much money into the Kickstarter portion of developing the game. Pathfinder crowd tends to be a bit older than the other TT gamers, I've been told, and this carries over into PFO. So these men are fairly steady mature men [mature as in not immature rather than creaky old] but are just a little off socially. "Opera? Are there any explosions or really cool sword fights in it?" or "Ant-Man is a way better movie than any X-Men movie you can name!"

I'm told that a lot of other MMOs do not have such a mature distinguished group of men playing in those games. [Honest! I was told this!]

So get the word out to the ladies and have them join a settlement of their choice. Get them onto Mumble or TeamSpeak and adventure with folks and talk with them and then decide if you want to know more about them outside the game and ask the usual questions. Like, where do you live? What do you do for a living? How does the wife and kids put up with your gaming all the time? What's the last two movies you saw? Etc.

At $14.95 a month, it has to be cheaper than E-Harmony or and you get to play a fun game and meet fun people while you hunt for the right man! And there is no pressure since the guys won't know you ladies are looking until you tell them that you are. smile

As I said, weird idea but it might actually have some merit.

Too weird? Has possibilities? Especially a couple of months before Valentine's Day?
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PFO - the odds are good, but the goods are odd.
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Come on, I only play pfo to get away from all the ladies banging down my door irl.
Hobson Fiffledown
I'm going to go with let's not subject female gamers to extra objectification. Best intentions aside, this adds a false descriptor of "just here looking for a man", which does not make the average female's gaming experience any better.

Edit: And I do hear you, PFO does have a pretty good community. We probably have a lot of good catches for many teams playing here. If GW makes PFO worthwhile to play and we get a gaming population, I'm sure we'll have at least a couple of fairy tale romances blossom.
This space for rent.
Tink says Stab
If anyone wants to objectify me, I'm all for it.
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If this doesn't say desperate then I don't know what does. I would love to see the crowd flip over this though.
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That happened already. I think it was called lovelup, and it crashed before release because creepy.

I'd like to address the reasons behind why women are underrepresented in gaming, but I think that the best I can directly do is to reduce the self-reinforcement of that dynamic. And contribute to the long-term solution by demanding and encouraging equal treatment of all kids interested in things that are culturally but not inherently gendered.
There are women that join dating sites to look for a mate. That's truth.

This thread is funny because IF Pathfinder Online was a dating site it would have a good crop of men to choose from with the added bonus of a game to play and social interactions you wont find on any other dating site. Yet.

There is nothing in here about objectifying women, if anything it's objectifying men. Don't try turning it into something it's not.

Women being underrepresented in gaming is an old issue coming to a head. Due to gamer parents, prolific tech and public representation, it's become more of a generational issue. The youngest generation is split even between male and female gamers. As with many things, they're just waiting for the older generations with their fixed ways to die out.

That being said, FPO is not a dating site, so while this would be a great bit for a stand-up comedy routine I don't think it will gain any traction here. smile
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Elsworth Sugarfoot
Seriously though, if anyone is looking for a dark-skinned elf with grey eyes and a knowledge of dark magics I'm available in the Zombie kitten mountain area. Not willing to travel west of Marchmont.
Tink says Stab
My name is Tink. I like zombie kittens, being a magical hat, and stabbing people on the beach. No fish faced Elfs please.
Tink quivers in sheer euphoria as the dank memes course through his fedora
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