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University Graduates

I was wondering if you had any statistics on how many students go through PFU and continue to play and what companies they go on to?

We do keep track of our students and try to keep track of where they go - though some do leave without telling us. I'll talk to the other Faculty and see how much of that information we want to post on here publicly. Not that it's any real secret, but always best to check first.
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So I'll give some high level statistics, but out of respect for GW and the companies the players went to, I won't get too specific.

We track (thanks Nactillius) every student that comes in and leaves PFU that we can (our data goes back to March 1). It used to be that we couldn't kick 'dead' members (i.e. accounts not active) but now you can, so that makes our life better.

Right now we have about 170 students.

We have expelled 3 students for bad behavior (with warnings, but they only get 1 warning).

Since we have been collecting data, almost exactly the same amount of students have been kicked because their 90 days ran out as those who moved to other companies. Of those who have left, about a third leave within 20 days of joining, and only a handful have left after 80 days. Most leave within 45. Now there is a small problem with our data as we do not get 'notice' that someone has left unless they tell us, so my guess is that many may have left earlier than we noticed.

Since we do not always get notice, we track who they move to based on seeing them later or by chance. From our data it seems that people leave PFU to go to companies in almost the exact percentages as the current server population. No surprise, the bigger groups get more players. I will say there is a slight slant towards those who are more active with PFU (I.e teach classes, do escalations, join our mumble, etc) but not enough to make a large dent.

We expect that settlement chat will greatly change our ability to help and keep people engaged.
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It would be really interesting to see a log of how these numbers move over time if you'd be willing to post the statistics every month or two? - It's nice to get an idea of how things are progressing across the board as opposed to the limited views a lot of us get in our respective areas of the world.


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