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EE10 - No training in allied community

That is because National Alliance is not implemented; thus, for now, one can only train in home settlement and NPC. SHould this have waited for implementation of nations?
Crafters in crafting settlements (Talonguard, Callambea, Canis Castrum, Keepers, KB, …) are going to love this but not their clerics, mage, fighters and rogues whose level can not now braised above 8. In the other town styles, the two out styles and the half of the crafters will have similar limits. We are back to requiring friends to be part of separate settlements if they are to progress. Maybe this effect should wait until EE11 when settlement can determine what mix they want.

It does appear that one can craft in any settlement
Ryan Dancey
For now, nobody can train in any PC settlement, because tower training is done and settlement upkeep hasn't been implemented yet.
Actually there is at least 1 trainer that work: the Keeper Trainer with the seneschal skill. In Hammerfall he is 9/9 instead of 0/0

It seem they now are all 9/9.
Is there any chance soon that we can implement "no training in enemy settlement"?
They are no longer stuck at 0/0. It does seem that characters can now train in allied settlements, but all seem limited to level 9/9 (not level 0). I expect that Ryan's comment means Monday morning will see that the Bulk resources will set training levels.
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