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University Commons Auction House Going Out of Business Sale (and Buying)

Actually, if it's on the list, we've been instructed to buy it. Just as it says. If someone gets to it first, so be it - but we (PFU) is buying, spending our gold.

Now you're really confusing me, Hoffman said he listed Tink's items hoping to find him a supply in their shout box.

What items were listed to try and find a supply for Tink then as opposed to ones you wanted for yourselves?
Tink's list as in things Tink buys…, not things Tink gave us to sell. I think you're seriously confused about what's going on here.

Tink has posted a list of things he is willing to buy.
Many of the things that we're looking to buy are also things Tink buys.
If Tink gets there before us, he might buy them before we can.
Tink is not the only one who has posted a list of things they're constantly looking to buy.

Thus, Hoff has invited EVERYONE to continually come check out our AH because they might find things they've been looking for.

Are we all on the same page now?
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Ah, ok… that makes more sense.

Well apart from the 'hoping to find you a supply' bit, but I'm happy to accept I'm just confused.

PFU Hoffman
updated to include gems. BUYING!
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
A hint to new players.

Edam has noticed people often listing these items at TK for sale at prices lower than PFU are offering.

It is not worth Edams while to buy a batch of stuff for 2 silver and run over and sell it at PFU for 6 silver (at T2 he would make more per hour just killing stuff) but for a new player that is actually a very good return on time invested.
PFU Hoffman
Also now offering - Fill my mule!

Fill my mule is simple. If you have enough materials to fill at least half of a mule (500 enc) we will buy items off the list here AT YOUR LOCATION (2c discount on each item as we will do the hauling).

I don't care if it is a mix of everything, or just a 1000 coal. Catch Hoffman online, pm, however or try the PFU mumble at We will be doing most pickups on the weekend with a possible evening pick up during the week
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
fantastic initiative!
too bad I am vacationing with no reliable wifi (none at all last week, ok for forum posting this week).

And very intersting for me (yes, i'm a nerd) in light of all the economic analysis and speculation I was part of in alpha and start of EE. The high-end adventurers doing escalations can certainly gather coin much faster than they can gather resources - and for solo low-end characters it's the opposite. Since both groups need both kinds, trade is inevitable - but it remains to be seen whether the price list will become a reference standard for others.

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PFU Hoffman
Apparently they managed to mess up the section with Expendables so the following Spells and Maneuvers are also available for sale at University Commons for the listed price. Any Faculty member will be able to assist you in purchasing them from the vault instead of the AH.

Apprentice’s Spring Heel 10c
Assaulting Dissuasion 25s
Blinding Chemicals 25s
Browbeat 25s
Chase 35s
Hidden Thrust 25s
Imperil 35s
Journeyman’s Alacrity Equation 25s
Journeyman’s Forgefiend Trick 35s
Journeyman’s Ooze's Acid 25s
Mug Shot 10c
Pause 10c
Prying Shears 10c
Rebuffing Barrage 10c
Redouble 55s
Ripping Shears 45s
Smile Maker 35s
Stop 35s
Tactful Nail 25s
Trickster’s Bow 10c
Trouble 25s
Unexpected Greetings 10c
Wire Bolos 30s
Death Ward 25s
Divine Power 25s
Enervation 25s
Fatiguing Flood 55s
Freezing Sphere 55s
Glacial Blast 35s
Greater Dispel Magic 55s
Haste 35s
Hold Monster 75s
Mass Endurance 55s
Mass Strength 55s
Rainbow Pattern 35s
Symbol of Fear 55s
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
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PFU Hoffman
Now offering Bulk Food, Bulk Wood and Bulk Trade Goods (all listed on the auction house). We will also trade bulk goods for raw mats.
Pathfinder University - A place for new players in their first 90 days.
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