The Motherlode Mining Co. is a company based in the High Road Covenant in the Bulwark Hills. We seek to serve the citizens of the west as a fully functional co-dependent crafting circle. A network of freeholders and experts working out of Talonguard that provides access to all Tier 2 goods at a fair price for the profit of its members. We are currently accepting all roles, but have particular interest in recruiting a Tier 2 trained crafter of each role type.

To see which roles we are currently seeking, check us out over at The Coal Road . If you currently do not meet the minimum rank listed for a position, you're still welcome to join us. The first individual within the company to reach the required training level will be given the first opportunity to fill an open slot.

Why should I join?

Gatherers: We pay fair market prices in coin for gathered resources in our organization. Gatherers reap the greatest portion of the profit of a finished good. Gatherers keep our storehouse stocked with raw materials and we keep their purses very full.

Refiners: Refiners keep steady work making a 30% markup over the cost of raw materials as orders come in. Refiners are paid at the time of completion in advance of a sale. Refiners also keep all procs.

Crafters: Crafters are paid a 30% markup over the cost of the refined goods used as orders come in. Like refiners, crafters are paid upon completion of work in advance of the sale.

Adventurers: Adventurers of all types are needed to protect goods as they journey to market. When contracted to guard a shipment, guards receive a share of 10% of the total market value of all goods transported. Adventurers also have their gearing needs met promptly and at base cost. The Highroad Covenant is a PVE centric organization and a group can be found to go out hunting for fame and fortune nearly any time, any day of the week. Adventurers with knowledge skills applicable to our many holdings are also greatly valued as the upcoming worker system rolls out.

Go West for Freedom and Profit. Join a positive and constructive force. Grow with us and grow your fortune. We live and die on the Coal Road, will you?
Go West for freedom and adventure! Join the free soil settlers of High Road. Be a positive and constructive force for freedom in the Bulwark Hills.