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First impressions

So I had typed out a much more long winded first impressions, but as I looked over it I decided to get to the meat of it. If this isn't the forum for it, my apologies, seemed the most apt to me.

Escalation concept is good.
Sandbox setting is good.

Name is somewhat poorly matched, naming it after a cooperative PvE focused game when it is a open world PvP game.
Game doesn't particularly evoke the setting very well. (If you had told me it took place in any generic fantasy I wouldn't have seen a reason to argue.)
Desperate need of better walkthrough/tutorial for new players (in-game, not pdf manuals).
Difficult to find things via map. (Wandered around Thornkeep for 15 minutes, still no idea where the fighter trainer is.)

Things like graphics, animations, sounds, optimization, etc could obviously use work, but that is, again obviously, something that they will get to when they can. The tutorial could likewise fall under that, but I feel it should come sooner rather than later since the game is taking subscribers.

Honestly the idea of a cooperative sandbox game with escalations that could threaten and overrun settlements seems like it could be really cool, PvP aspect less so. Sandbox open world pvp games are a dime a dozen, and almost always get a small niche audience. Eve being an exception, not the rule. That said I can accept that this isn't for me, and obviously PFO has its supporters and players, but I cannot help but think the name does a disservice to both PFO and pathfinder given the stark contrast.

As a KS backer, I'll be back in 6-12 months, give it another go, maybe it will find its footing with more time and I'll start to get it.
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