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Holding and Settlement Upkeep changes

Lee Hammock
I am planning on changing the holding upkeep to be more in line with settlement structures, meaning it will be much lower on the low end (2 bulk resource per day at +0) and slightly higher than the current high end. In addition holdings will not require more than three types of bulk resources and will provide training levels equal to their plus +9 (so a base +0 settlement will train level 9 skills and a +5 one will train level 14).

On the other end of that, I am changing the scaling of the current settlement upkeep math to scale more accurately to how settlement upkeep will scale in the future. The new plan is listed below. With the decreased upkeep cost of holdings it still should be possible to meet these higher requirements with the holdings settlements currently have. Note this number is likely to increase again as we get closer to the full settlement system to get people used to what those final numbers will be.

Settlement Level PvP Window Duration Upkeep
9 60
10 65 Bulk Wood 7, Bulk Food 7, Bulk Ore 7, Bulk Stone 7, Trade Goods 7
11 70 Bulk Wood 12, Bulk Food 12, Bulk Ore 12, Bulk Stone 12, Trade Goods 12
12 75 Bulk Wood 28, Bulk Food 28, Bulk Ore 28, Bulk Stone 28, Trade Goods 28
13 80 Bulk Wood 55, Bulk Food 55, Bulk Ore 55, Bulk Stone 55, Trade Goods 55
14 85 Bulk Wood 95, Bulk Food 95, Bulk Ore 95, Bulk Stone 95, Trade Goods 95
15 90 Bulk Wood 150, Bulk Food 150, Bulk Ore 150, Bulk Stone 150, Trade Goods 150
16 105 Bulk Wood 224, Bulk Food 224, Bulk Ore 224, Bulk Stone 224, Trade Goods 224
17 120 Bulk Wood 319, Bulk Food 319, Bulk Ore 319, Bulk Stone 319, Trade Goods 319
18 135 Bulk Wood 438, Bulk Food 438, Bulk Ore 438, Bulk Stone 438, Trade Goods 438
19 150 Bulk Wood 583, Bulk Food 583, Bulk Ore 583, Bulk Stone 583, Trade Goods 583
20 180 Bulk Wood 756, Bulk Food 756, Bulk Ore 756, Bulk Stone 756, Trade Goods 756

Note: Edited to fix a typo in the level 20 Bulk Wood quantity and to change the amount of bulk resources for a +0 holding to 2 instead of 1.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
Looks great! Is the level 20 Bulk Wood requirement a typo, though?
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WxCougar of KOTC
When would this change go into effect? And I too hope that's a typo smile
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Lee Hammock
This change is hopefully going to go live with the 10.1 patch we are currently working on that will bring the Holding Warfare system online. Which should hopefully be up at the end of the week, but we'll have to see.
Now I have to rework my plans, again. smile
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So are the updated holding bulk consumption figures on the dev spreadsheets?
The blog post says that +5 Holdings cost 29 of the Primary Bulk Resource and 28 of the Secondary and Tertiary Bulk Resources but the spreadsheet released today (7/29/15) shows cost at 29 for Primary and Secondary and 28 for Tertiary in each of the +5 holdings.
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