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New player experience - need singleton mob spawns at newbie area.

As I often do, I sit around the new player spawn camp and see if anybody needs help.

Watched a new player spawn, put on their initial gear, start doing the class tutorials, put on their wizard gear, go to the movement tutorial, see them move around, go to kill the 3 wolves — and run smack into a spawn group of 5 goblins no more than 10 meters away from the movement tutorial.

They died in less than 3 seconds. I tried to heal them, but yeah not much I could do with a lowbie character I created for helping in that zone.

Upon respawn, I saw them move around for a second or two, then they went poof. Another person who will probably not play this game again.

Please try to re-design the spawn list for the hex with the new player spawn camp to only spawn mobs in singles, or no more than doubles. Wizards, especially new ones, are squishy as @#$%

Yes it is a social game - but new players on a trial ticket most of the time will not know anyone yet, and if they dies 4 or 5 times in the first hour they will never stay around long enough to meet anyone.

Also if you spawn single low levels it makes it much less attractive for higher level characters to try and farm.
I remember that being really frustrating when I was new. If the majority of the spawns in new player areas were singles or doubles it would be much friendlier to new players.

Maybe add in a few larger camps for newbie groups to take on, maybe with a tougher leader type mob that has a good chance of dropping teir one recipes, expendables, or some sort of token that can be turned in at the starter gear NPCs for stuff that new players would find useful like low level recipes and expendables.
Memory-High Priest of Desna
+1 for this for sure, but maybe it belongs on the Crowdforging thingie?
Adventure Time with the High Priest of Desna, begins Tuesday 08/18 at 6:00pm EST (10:00 server time) at the Thornkeep Auction house. All new players welcome!

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Any example from just this morning.

This game can already be quite frustrating to learn how to play. Setting up new players to fail instantly is just mean and is an almost guaranteed rage-quit-uninstall.
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