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How do Tokens Work?

Mousing over a token tells you that it does X, Y and Z when it activates. Unfortunately, the tooltip doesn't tell you what triggers the token to activate, or how long each activation lasts, or how often it can activate. Does anyone know how they actually work?
Thank you for asking this question! I hope that someone answers it.
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You're welcome, and thank you, respectively.
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Tokens slot into your wondrous item slots, the smaller circles on the bottom right hand side. They last for rounds, so like 1-6 rounds, they have prerequisites you have to meet, like having a high constitution. When you activate them they act as buffs for the rounds mentioned.

I believe once Magic Items are in game, after you slot them they will come on on your bar, on the bottom left to activate. I don't know if they are consumed or what though.
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So to activate a token we need to activate some other magic item? So they will stack with the magic items? Oh so confused.
So is the following statement correct?

In Alpha 7 and before, they could be slotted, but they actually did nothing.
Stephen Cheney
They don't do anything in the current build.

In the next build, they work like potions: you slot them and click the relevant action bar button to get the effect. They're basically something useful as loot but less effective than crafted items.
At the bottom of Page 23 of the Quick Start Guide (in Pathfinder Online (Public)), there is an image showing the action bar area. Slots 7 & 8 are for "Situational Actions". In By the Time I Lose It, I'm Not Afraid, we were told:

… a fully loaded character now has access to twenty actions at one time (thirty-two counting weapon and implement swapping), accessed via ten keys (plus a modifier key and a weapon swap key):
Six weapon attacks (which can be swapped to six more)
Six implement actions (which can be swapped to six more)
Two utility actions
Two consumable/wondrous item actions
Two situational actions
One boot action and one glove action

I'm not exactly sure what all has changed, because currently all of the Utility Feats have a Weapon Category of either "Utility (Boot)" or "Utility (Glove)".

All that is to say, I think we'll eventually be able to access our Wondrous Item slots (and the Tokens in them) via hotkeys 7 & 8, Alt-7 & Alt-8, or Alt-9 & Alt-0.
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Thanks for the info, Stephen.
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