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I understand the Druid is quite a ways off and not a character option anytime soon.

If one were to develop a character now with an eye to being a druid when it was available, what should one focus on to minimize XP lost to feats and features that absolutely are of no use to a Druid?

I see in Goblinary in the recipe section about druid/archdruid greatclub and longbow. I assume those would be fine to work one. Any other weapons?

Any cleric domains? Or are druids going to be a cat of a different stripe in regards to how divine magic works?

Anything else about intentions for druids would be appreciated.

Would guess anything that raises Wisdom would not be a waste,

someone asked a similar question about monks a bit back and one of the devs gave them some weapons and stats to work on.

Wis is one that comes to mind first, then each role has 3 choices to pick from. No clue what those will be like, would imagine one would have to do with a pet, so maybe Per as secondary stat to focus on if interested in a pet but that is just a guess.
The big hold up will probably be the companion mechanics.

I suppose anything wisdom based will be a start. Forestry and scavenging for example.

Though from a roleplay point of view scavenging can be sen as recycling but forestry may be a bit non-druid.

Some things like power, saves, hit points, encumbrance are useful for all classes.

Druids will likely have their own armor feats but armor training is cheap in terms of XP anyway.

Avoid metal weapons.
Thorgrim Foegrinder
The Echo Woodsmen have quite a few players who are building their characters to eventually be either Druids or Rangers.

@Edam - Forestry can definitely be a good Druid skill. By pruning plants or even establishing breaks in vegetation, you can actually promote greater health within the forest as a whole. I would think that a higher forestry skill would give you more insight into how to accept Nature's gifts without harming the forest, and specifically which methods are sustainable or even beneficial to Nature in general.

The advice to focus on Wisdom is, in my opinion, great advice. You can check the Goblinary for which abilities raise wisdom, but Forestry and Scavenging are great ones, as is Perception. For a Druid character, I would get Survival just for roleplaying flavor, as mechanically it only helps with drops from I think Ogres. I would also pick up spells that in the Tabletop are shared between Cleric and Druid, like the cure line, among others.

I would avoid going for a secondary stat yet, unless there's something you just want to have. It's likely that whichever stat you think will be secondary for Druid will be incorrect - there is no obvious choice. One could argue a strong case for either Strength, Constitution, or Personality.

If you'd like to hang out on TeamSpeak with us, we'd love to talk about Druids with you or anyone else. TeamSpeak details, and more information on the Echo Woodsmen, can be found at smile
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