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Adding Excitement


First sorry for the gathering derail to this thread earlier…
Couple PvE ideas..

Think GW is on the right track, with the addition to random mobs from escalations throughout the world. They have been welcome and they give players something to think about before running AFK through the world.
Love the random hero monster idea, don’t think the pathing part is an option for now, but just having a high level spawns spawn for few hours or so, could make for mad dashes to try to take them out.
Reuse the Lich, have him pop up and stay up for a few hours , once killed he doesn’t make an appearance for 2 downtimes or something. Not sure of the limitations of hex types. I think he has been showing up in non monster hexes with out escalations can just that quest part show up? I have seen other escalation mobs out and about (alphas from molochs come to mind)? how about adding him to the wandering list.
And make a few more like him, perhaps with the next monthly escalation we get another big baddie of another role type. And eventually they can all make scattered appearances.
Also legends were removed from escalations, perhaps think of putting a few rare sightings of those guys roaming the world and their respective escalations for the time being.
All those things like pretty low hanging fruit, but haven’t seen the code.
@OP Go Find a group in your weight class and fight them. Players are the best content.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
What seems like a very long time ago, it was suggested to make "named" mobs that would not only be more challenging, have a better loot table, but would also have a specific achievement and a series achievement tied to it as well. Although I did not recall it at the time, the idea was inspired from The Secret World, which had a similar system.
Aragon (CN) a settlement founded on the principles of the River Freedoms: Say What You Will; Oath Breakers Die; Walk Any Road, Float Any River; Courts are for Kings; Slavery is an Abomination; Have What You Hold.

Settlement Focus: Fighter and Rogue Training
Game Play: Escalations / Refining / Crafting / Defensive PVP
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