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thoughts after a month

Stilachio Thrax
I think you are right, Gluggo, its like taking a drink of milk to find out its orange juice. A better name since its devs and players are all from EvE would have been Med-EvE-ill.

They should have called it Golarion Online, although there still isn't quite enough "Golarion" in game yet either.
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I hear many players from the early beta came from EVE, I never did EVE, but for those players, they fully expected what they are getting. It was probably marketed to them that way, and they probably had little or no interest in Pathfinder.

I'm not aware of any marketing specifically to EVE players. The game was mentioned to me, I went to the website and read a bunch of blog articles, and I was interested. I immediately thought, oh so this will be like EVE with goblins and elves. There were like 2 years worth of blog posts talking about PvP, and settlement warfare, and banditry, etc.

I'm pretty sure this game has only had direct marketing done towards Paizo table-top RPG customers, which was probably one of the biggest mistakes made with PFO so far. Though, I'm not sure the project could have ever gotten off the ground without money from those people. And I'm guessing a key component of Paizo being involved is to increase brand awareness of Paizo and Pathfinder RPG, and to cross market Paizo products to their core customer-base in order to increase revenue across all Paizo products. Unfortunately, if that is accurate, they seemed to have made the blunder of trying to create a product their core customer-base largely seems uninterested in.
To be fair, I was just farting around the Goblinworks site and there is a little video now that is up. Over the video is this title:

Pathfinder Online is a Fantasy Sandbox MMO with Open World PvP based on the Pathfinder intellectual property used with a license from Paizo, inc.
Again, I really am not griping too much, as I somewhat enjoy the game, I am trying hard to really enjoy the game, but it's pretty boring to be honest.

Maybe the new description of the game will alert new players what they are getting into. I mean, even if it doesn't, I really lost nothing getting involved, nor did anyone else in our little group who signed up for the free 15 day trial. They gained some hours of amusement at the cost of registering an email and downloading a file. Like I said, I don't feel duped or anything, I was just offering my impressions of the game as a new player.

Thanks all for the kind feedback, both in game and on the forums.

Gluggo and Toots smile
Ryan Dancey
I've said this before, but it bears repeating.

Our market research surveys tell us that 89.3% of the people who have Pathfinder Online accounts play MMOs. 66.5% of them have played more than 5 different games in the past 10 years. 90% report playing 1 or more different MMOs in the past year.

Some data on what you play:

World of Warcraft 84.36%
Guildwars 2 55.19%
Neverwinter (Cryptic MMO) 62.02%
EVE Online 55.32%
Darkfall 17.87%
Wildstar 32.06%
Elder Scrolls Online 51.77%

This is not a population filled with tabletop RPG players with no MMO experience. It's an MMO population with some tabletop experience. In fact, 23% of the population has never played the tabletop RPG.
And there Ryan goes again, taking all the fun out of wild guesses, personal observations, baseless accusations and doom and gloom prognostications with cold, hard, not fun facts. smile
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Yes, but how many of the original kickstarter people are still around and filling out the surveys? Are those people recipients of the surveys as well?

If there were exit surveys way back in February, I suspect the data might show a different picture. Just my opinion ob course.
I wonder how many other Open World PvP Sandboxes there are where 10% of their players have never played an MMO…
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And there Ryan goes again, taking all the fun out of wild guesses, personal observations, baseless accusations and doom and gloom prognostications with cold, hard, not fun facts. smile

Survey results are not facts.
Ryan Dancey
That survey data was derived from a survey sent to our entire mailing list which was (at the time) mostly Kickstarter backers on June 1st.

At the end of June we surveyed players who had logged in and made a character since Early Enrollment began. We call these "Active players" (but that doesn't mean they all have active accounts).

Here's some data about this cohort:

How often do they play an MMO other than Pathfinder Online

Daily 40.17%
Weekly 20.34%
A few times a month 10.68%
Once a month 4.41%
Don't play other MMOs 24.41%

Which MMOs have they played in the past year

World of Warcraft 51.68%
Guildwars2 40.97%
Neverwinter (Cryptic MMO) 48.95%
Elder Scrolls Online 46.43%
Wildstar 23.32%
Star Wars: The Old Republic 49.37%
Final Fantasy 21.22%
EVE Online 28.15%
Darkfall 6.93%

Hobson Fiffledown
Ratio of survey invitations sent compared to surveys completed?
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