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Do you remember the materia system from FF7?

Memory-High Priest of Desna
Hobson Fiffledown
Speaking of derailing, my 35T "Betsy" eats quad-Stalkers for lunch. "Most efficient" at getting their butts handed to them maybe. Out maneuver the alpha and chew them up. Silly min/maxers…

(*sigh* another beautiful title being meh-produced by a couple of different companies)

There's still one set of 4 of the old battletech center pods for sale out there. I almost pulled the trigger last year.

I never said the boats were best, i said the min-maxxers THINK they're the best, leading to extreme proliferation. I myself was an Ace DRG-1C pilot, and Ate Gausscats for lunch and dinner, Brunched on Dakkajaegers, had Sixcats for breakfast, picked my teeth with pop-tarts and belched up Mlas-jenners. good times. long gone though.

Who was your crew? i was with ELP.
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Hobson Fiffledown
Didn't mean to imply you said best, just commenting on how "most efficient" isn't necessarily best. The min/maxers are my second favorite target across all games, second only to the players who fancy themselves "tear-collectors". And sorry, I don't cross the streams. Perhaps we have already met and had a great time shooting it out. Sadly, the couple of companies running with that ip aren't doing it for me. They are on the give them another chance list though.

But to that point, I'm perfectly fine with people being able to min/max as long as there aren't any game-breaking combinations. This eq system does lean heavily towards that though. Why would you not load the +1 Damage on every wearable piece, or stack 1% speed on each. I'm more rp than meta (here), and there would be little to no advantage to spread out the item bonuses. It seems like it would force "must have" builds, penalize casual players, and At the cost of valuable Dev time.
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Have you (feel free to chime in please, ANYONE) noticed that daily turnout is down? We have a nice group of new recruits at Ozem's. Really great players. Average turnout is down, with us, despite that. People are BORED with what is available to do. That is not good.

Yes, but I will respond in a new thread; don't want to derail the OPs thread any more than already did. smile
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