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What is your Refining Fee?

As a Refiner of excellent wares, if someone brings you all of the required resources to refine a particular batch of items, what do you charge as a refining fee? I suspect most would ask for a percentage of the refined goods or equivalent value in coin/resources. What is that for you? Do you use another method?
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I pay my refining hook up in raw mats.
Usually something like Raw Mats needed (or sometimes free if I have enough on hand) for settlement members and 110% raw mats otherwise.
Brighthaven Leader
Mats needed for settlement members, and then as little as 110% and I think as much as 130%(for T2+3)

Although for the most part, we don't really do much refining for anyone outside of the Alliance.
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I generally offer a tip of 30% of the value of the raw mats to the refiner and 30% of the value of the refined mats to the crafter.
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Hobson Fiffledown
Refining provided materials for settlement and alliance members, no fee. Crafting provided materials into finished goods For settlement and alliance, no fee. Finished products made from my vault inventory 105-130% to settlement and alliance. Finished products sell price in the AH, whatever the market will bear.

Although, much of that is because of the low server population.
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My rough math is 1/10000 times the time factor of (quality level^2*base time), times a skill adjustment of 1.001^(skill level required), in copper.

That's the labor cost; materials cost is measured by actual price.
There currently is no market for refined goods as far as I can tell

I tried to sell gems/crystals on the TK AH and haven't bothered for 2 weeks to re-list. This means cross-settlement refining is done by whom you know. As such it is often done - I do a favour for you - you might do one for me in the future - and no fee is being paid at all.

I try to pay 1 1/2 times the raw materials to ensure it is worthwhile for the refiner. The true cost tends to be spending time to find someone, meet up, hauling raw materials there and get the needed materials back. Easily one hour real time for a 10 refined goods …

10% or 50% extra in this calculations makes NO difference for me - unless I would start buying large scale - something I haven't seen yet to happen cross settlement. Might be different for T3? Who knows. But so far most settlements (at least alliances) are self-sufficient.
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Duffy Swiftshadow
If someone actually comes to us I think we charge like 10-15% in whatever, so raw mats or equivalent coin. I don't think we straight up sell refined materials on the CC AH, at least I never noticed any. I think people prefer to handle their own refining when they can to adjust the plus points for their skill level, makes it easier.
With so many players in the whole "crafting spectrum", it is really tough to get a business going. Also Ozem's is pretty much a socialist system right now. If you need something, you get something. If I felt good about charging a fee, it would be 10% or a guarantee of the amount of product requested but I keep the "crits".
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