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Version Notes

I love you guys and how you love to number crunch! We couldn't have gone to the Moon without folks like you … and guys who loved the idea of strapping a huge bomb under their butts to get sent into space! smile

I think you guys are one of the reasons this development is going so fast, the double-checking of the programming folks. They should put a plaque in game for you.
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It seems to have been taken down. It was there earlier.

@ Level 15, Experience is listed at 1,862 - No where NEAR what it is supposed to be. I am assuming 50949 for now.

I did the calculations, figuring out their formula for the xp curve (Unfortunately a crude method and not an actual formula I can post, sorry.) and the xp for level 15 should be 50,278

I'll see if I can calculate the correct ability bump for level 7
Lee Hammock
Three Observations:

1. The Attacks Achievement advancement does not match with Cantrips and Orisons. Cantrips and Orisons both are Achievement 1 @ 2, 4 @ 3, 7 @ 4, 9 @ 5, and 10 @ 6

For attacks, the 1 @ 2 and 10 @ 6 are both missing. Is this a typo or intended?

2. For HP Ability Bonus advancement, a major change occurs between level 10 and 11.

@ lvl 10, the Ability bump is 0.123
@ lvl 11 & 12, the numeric advancement is consistent, but an extra 0 (zero) is added immediately after the decimal point. So lvl 11 bump is 0.0144 and lvl 12 bump is 0.0165. At lvl 13 it goes back to normal.

While you are there, the minimum con requirement for lvl 8 of HP is 11 when it should be 10.

3. Rogue Feature Advancement follows the same path as other feature advancements except at lvl 3. The listed exp req for rogue features at lvl 3 is 18,695 - way above any of the others! It goes right back on track for the rest of the levels.

Is this intended or a typo?

All typos. This is why you should not rework advancement math until 2 in the morning, and if you must have your players look it over before it goes live.

Lee Hammock
*Armor proficiency 2 is asked for twice in the Armor feats (at levels 6 and 10).
*Armor spreadsheet is missing column titles.
*Orisons spreadsheet is missing an AbilityReq Lvl2 column.

Armor proficiency 2 should be a requirement for level 10.

Lee Hammock
Level 2 ability req for orisons is 10, so that column isn't really needed….

Back to Class Features:

1. Only the Fighter Features have attack bonus requirements all the way through.

2. Implement Proficiency 3 is not indicated. For now, I will assume it would be required to reach Level 10 in a given Feature.

3. Only Fighter features have Expert requirements under Achievements. Are they meant to be there for all the other roles, as well?

4. Fighter Group proficiencies Experience for level 7 never got updated- still at 13,050. Assuming it is meant to be 52,200 for the time being.

Same thing at level 4. Still 6,340 when should be around 25,720.

Same thing at level 3. Still 4K when should be 18,686.

5. Are we giving you a headache yet?

The fighter feats are the only ones that are weapon specific as all the other class features can be done with any weapon favored by the class. Were the OR statements in achievements working this problem would fix itself, but since they aren't I may put in the weapon specific attack bonuses and achievements.

If my math is right, the level 7 crafting stat boost should be 0.208 and the gathering one should be .152 (+/- .002)
Lee Hammock
Fixed all the things y'all found and put up the new versions in the google docs, including the Elf/Dwarf racial bonuses and proficiencies and expendables,
Wolf of Rathglen
*Quotes all of last four pages en masse*
Wow, nerds.
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Lee Hammock
Fixed all the things y'all found and put up the new versions in the google docs, including the Elf/Dwarf racial bonuses and proficiencies and expendables,

Lee, I'm not seeing the Elf/Dwarf Benefits in either the Bonuses tab or the Proficiencies tab.
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Looks like Rogue needs some attention still, in terms of feat requirements. Example:
Rogue 11:
"Requires Dexterity of 15, Base Attack Bonus 4, Reflex Bonus 6, Light Melee Attack Bonus 6, Hit Points 9, Stealth 11, and Perception 11, and Cut-Throat 6."

Dat perception 11. no good.
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